Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yesterday nothing felt good. Work was bugging me, life was *blah*...PMS had me in it's grips. So I forced myself to the pool for a workout. I knew if nothing else, a workout would exhaust me enough to take the emotional overload away. Little did I know that I was about to have the best swim of my "TRI-life" thus far.

Over the course of the 30 minute workout, I covered 1400 yards. That is 56 laps of the pool. According to Nancy I was averaging 2:08 per 100 yards.

So I was asked "What is your secret?" and I am sad to say that I had none. There is only one thing that I did differently:

Last night I simply swam... I didn't think about what I was doing, I had such a bad day that I simply wanted to escape with a workout. It had also been a week since my last swim...

I just let the water flow over me and counted laps .. every 9th lap I did 25 yards of backstroke and that seem to "reset" my stroke because it would help me *find my balance* again.

Honestly it was amazing and felt so good! There were times I even had my eyes closed, I just focused on moving through the water.

I have never swum that fast in my life, that I can recall but I do know that at one point I thought to myself "I could do this for another 20 laps/" I was tempted to finish up the mile *but* I knew I would pay for it later ....as it was, I was in bed by 9:15pm - lights out & head on the pillow, kittens and Jim at my side.

Now what does one do with the best swim of her "TRI-life" thus far...Keep on going, I guess. The rest of the week's workout schedule calls for a 1000 yard & 1500 yard workout with various drills and then I guess I'll try 1400 again next week and let you know if I can duplicate the effort *OR* if the swim gods simply gave me one *DAMN GOOD DAY*....

Either way, I ended my day yesterday Living STRONG and I feel much better for it today.

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Steven said...

If nothing else, you'll have that GOOD DAY!

You can draw on it when you have your next BAD DAY!

And great job on the swimming...keep it rolling!