Thursday, March 01, 2007

Simply Brilliant

I got wind of this poem when fellow CCC teammate Mary from Mobile, AL shared it with us. It is a *MUST READ*... Mary is close friends with Sharon Meeks. The poem was written by Colleen Clover, Sharon's sister, as she sat with Sharon during a round of treatment.

Sharon is survivor who is currently part of a clinical trial so she goes to Moffitt Cancer Center every other week... KEEP FIGHTING AND LIVING STRONG SHARON!!!

I'll let Colleen's words do the talking now:

Girl in the Mirror by Colleen Clover

Britney went and shaved her head

wanted something new, she said.

Stuck some needles in her skin,

Tattooed kisses sure are in.

Papparazzi went berserk;

Asking Britney: "did it hurt?"

Cameras caught her every move.

(oh my gosh, her head's so smooth)

"Britney, what got into you?"

"Just back off and give me room."

"Bein' famous is a pain...

...I am under constant strain."

"Grab my beer and bodyguard."

Bein' Britney sure is hard.....


Sister went and shaved her head..

"Beat the chemo there," she said.

Stuck some needles in her skin,

Make sure chemo's really in.

Tumor cells have gone berserk,

knowin' Merck will make it hurt.

Nurses watch her every move.

(gosh, her head is really smooth...)

Got the chemo into you,

Now back off and give her room.

"Fightin' cancer is a pain,

Watch me beat this latest strain."

"Grab my pump and play my cards."

Britney, your life ain't so hard...


Ellie said...

Whew! This IS brilliant! Thanks so much for putting it up for us to read!

Nancy Toby said...

Fantastic! *applause* *applause*

Steven said...


surferchickHG said...

haha LOVE IT!!

Downhillnut said...

How very timely and relevant! This needs to be promoted beyond blogland.