Monday, March 26, 2007

My sister Heather place first in her age group with weekend at a local South Carolina 5K AND she was 3rd woman overall. Her finishing time: 23:54!!! Did I mention that she stopped at the water stop to take a drink because the volunteers were these adorable little 5 year olds and she simply could pass not them by! Just one more reason why I love my sister ... but BOY OH BOY is she getting SPEEDY! :) Way to go Sister!!

Nancy also has a great race this weekend at the DC National Half Marathon! She ran her second fastest half marathon ever! I now know that Nancy will have to wait for me at the finish-line for Eagleman. It will be great to have her there to cheer me in! I have a long way to go to get back to Nancy's current running pace! Way to RUN, Nancy!

This weekend brought yet another ride "In Memory" ... This time for MPIP member "Rob in VA", who also lurked on my CCC list. Rob was a fellow cyclist so I made sure that I kept my spirits high and enjoyed every moment of the 24 miles I rode on Sunday. I imagine Rob would have wanted it that way! Now you will forever have a tailwind Rob!

A cyclist has spread to the breeze
His CCC jersey, and heads for open roads.
He is an object of beauty and strength
As we stand and watch him, until at length
Like a wind, he is lost from our view
Where sky and horizon mingle in fading hue.

At that moment, someone cries with regret,
"There! He's gone!" "Gone where?" I ask.
"Don't forget:
He has only left our sight. Even now
In frame and gears and wheels from front to rear
He is just as reliable as when by our side
He stood, waiting for the first pedal stroke."

His diminished size is in me, not him;
For, just at the moment we would infer
"There! He's gone!"- voices from that other Home
Are taking up the glad shout, "There! He comes!"
With God the sunset on our western horizon
Is sunrise beyond; a New Day begun.

We too must rejoice and not be sighing!
It's a glad adventure that - dying!

- Floyd B. Allen and Martha L. Jack


surferchickHG said...

woooo i'm a cheetah! what color bunny ears do we have, i might have found awesome shirts to go with....

can't wait to see you!!

Holly said...

Pink and White Bunny Ears .. with little bunny socks to match!