Friday, March 23, 2007


I'm trying to put together a small team for this fledgling event that is happening here in DC. The event is called the " Beat The Clock Walk" and it is a 4K walk to help raise awareness about cervical health and important screenings to prevent cervical cancer.

I became familiar with Tamika Fedler when I went to the LiveSTRONG Summit in Austin, TX in October 2006. Tamika is a cervical cancer survivor and all around a great young woman! I was so moved by her speaking at the LiveSTRONG Summit that I volunteered my graphic design services to her "free of charge" to help her with this walk.

Naturally, a 4K walk about the Tidal Basin with friends to help raise money and awareness of any kind of cancer sounds like a good way to spend a few hours to me. We get so few chances to see each other these days, that I thought a Team Walk might be a great chance to get together for some light exercise as a group and support a good cause too.

I have created a team called: Team Fit Chicks .... for no other reason than it seemed like a fun name and because I couldn't find a way to combined Chicks and Cervix without it sounding very odd....LOL

I'd love to get a team of 10 of us together but there is no limit so the more the merrier!! Please feel free to pass this onto any friends or co-worker that you think might enjoy a nice 4K walk for a good cause on a Saturday morning.

So take a look at your calendars (Saturday, May 19th) and check out the Tamika and Friends website and if you can do it, sign up to be on the team and come and join me for the walk!

For more info on Tamika and Friends go to:

To resigster directly for the walk, go HERE and click on Register Now,

Please pick "Team Registration" when you register and select "Team Fit Chicks"

Hope that you can join me!

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