Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Favorite Quote of the Day

"Pink shorts and her pacer accelerated, purposely cutting me off as we were rounding a corner. They almost pushed me into the curb. Was that really necessary? Finish ahead of me. Have a great day but don’t trip me on your way to world domination, OK?"

This came from this weekend's 12K race report by my blog buddy and fellow IRONMAN FL 2006 Volunteer Kitten, Linae, you can read the rest of the report here...

This year instead of volunteering, Linae will be racing IRONMAN FLORIDA 2007. She is doing fantastic work putting in the miles now in order to go the distance in November.

Keep Living STRONG Linae!


kerihadley said...

does that remind you of the "sprint to the finish"
just call me pink shorts. i still feel bad about that.

Carver said...

Hi Holly,

I love your favorite quote of the day. Not sure why but it made me laugh and laugh and laugh. "Have a great day but don't trip me on your way to world domination" fits into so many scenarios and it will be fun to think it very loudly the next time I want to scream. Cheers, Carver

TriFeist said...

LOL! It even makes your blog. Glad you liked it.