Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wonky Right Knee

If my weekend could be a caption, it would be "Wonky Right Knee"...In a weekend of workouts, my knee was the "fly in my soup" - so to speak.

Friday night I went for a 1 mile SWIM in the pool. I didn't see any 2:08s though ... I ended up averaging around 2:35 ...Not a care in the world because I was just out for a long swim workout. No records to break just steady and relaxed swimming.

Saturday morning's workout was delayed by an hour but when I did manage to get out of the house, I got in 32 miles on the BIKE. My pace - moderately slow on the way out (13 mph) and stupid, HEADWIND slow on the way back!! ARRG!!

I even had what I can only define as a possible "Ironman Hawaii Wind Gust" moment. The cross winds on the Ironman Hawaii course are known for blowing triathletes sideways and sometimes, unfortunately, right off their bikes. Today, I can only guess that I was at the perfect speed and the wind came at the perfect gust and angle because one moment I was riding in a straight line and 5 seconds later I was say "Whoah" as I watch the pavement moved sideways in front of me. Then just as quickly, I as back in control and rolling forward. Yikes! It was a sensation I hope never to experience again (even though I *do* dream of winning the IM Hawaii lottery some day ....)any time soon!

My only goal for this workout was miles in the saddle so it was a worthwhile workout despite the slow-poke pace and the head and cross winds on the trip home. On the last climb my right knee was talking to me so I listened to her and walk the remainder of the climb (It's a doozy of a climb so I take no shame in walking it...). My knee never bothered me for the rest of the day.

This morning I got up and was out of the house at 7Am for my drive up to Columbia to run the course. Alas, my knee made a big fuss just as soon as I started, so I simply walked the first 5 of a planned 10K. It was probably just as well because at 8AM, there was still alot of frost on the trail around Centennial Lake and even while walking, I was slipping and sliding whereever the was shade. At about 50 minutes into the workout I decided that with an hour drive ahead to get home and other plans for the remainder of the day, I was only staying out for another 20 minutes tops, so I cut the course short (skipped the worst of the hills) and started to slowly run the last 1.5 miles of the course. No knee pain then and I jogged across the finish line that is marked on the park trail in spray paint. It literally says "Columbia TRI finish"...that was a nice mental boost.

So a wonky right knee took away my long run but *only* for today. I am going to try 6 miles again tomorrow after work. Hopefully all the *wonk* will have worked itself out by then!

It is beautiful here this weekend! I am off to take the kitties for a walk!
Live STRONG Y'all!

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TRI Vortex said...

Depending on how long your knee feels "wonky" be careful. I'm a newbie that started doing too much too soon and my knee went wonky. The wonks are worked out.