Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Bengal in my Shower

Here in our household, the weekdays are routine and that works well when you have two very smart, precocious bengal kittens. The morning schedule usually looks like this...

O'Dark AM - Wallace begins his morning "meows", to see if he can get us out of bed on *his timeline* - As is routine, he is heard but ignored.

O'D:30AM - Radio Alarm goes off, signaling to Wallace that he may now "MEOW" at full volume and jump around the bed from human to human; Grommette simply yawns, stretches and casually meanders to the bedroom door to wait for Jim to head downstairs.

O'D:35AM - The lights are turned on and Jim heads downstairs to feed the cats, Holly sits on the edge of the bed - mumbling to herself that it is too early.

O'D:45AM - Cat's are eating and Jim and I head for our respective showers.

Now in the past, Wallace and Grommette have both shown interest in the shower. Usually the interest is *post shower* when there are water droplets across the shower stall and tub. But in the last two days, Wallace has discovered that if he stand between the decorative shower curtain and the functional shower curtain (which keeps the water in the tub and off the floor) - HE CAN WATCH THE WATER AN NOT GET WET!

Now, I love my cats but having one of them watch me shower is a little strange. Yesterday when he did it, it was a little unnerving because he did not make one sound, he just stood there and watched the shower head. At least today when he came in, he greeted me with a hearty, loud "MEOW" and then proceeded to chatter to me intermittently.

The funniest part of all of this is that I suspect, with the love of water that is a natural part of the Bengal breed's character, it won't be long before Wallace decides that the shower curtain is in his way and I find him walking around in the shower with me as I start my day. If that happens, you can be sure that you will hear about it!

Wallace is a odd kitten (Well he is only a kitten for 3 more weeks anyways) ... that is why we love him so!


Nancy Toby said...

Funny kitty!! Love the photo!

Ellie said...

That photo is wonderful. You gotta print it and frame it. Very dreamy and eye-catching.

Do your cats like to watch the water swirl around in the toilet? I've had cats that were fascinated by that.

kerihadley said...

my cat drinks outta the tub.. while i'm in it, with bubbles no less.