Monday, May 02, 2005

At the Dermatologist - Part I - THE CALL

The Dermatologist looked at my mole, said he didn't like the colors and numbed me up and cut it right off my shoulder. He said that he would send it out to the lab and that if they found anything, they would call.

The Call:

Strange Voice on Phone: "Hi Ms. G. This is Dr. G's office calling, we have the result of your mole biospy"

Holly: "Okay thanks."

SV: "Well you have skin cancer so call this number, xxx-xxxx and see Dr. Wagner for a wide excission and call us if you have any questions, okay"

CLICK .... dialtone

Holly: "???? Hello???"


Not the best of beginnings! So I promptly called the Dr's office back and said "What kind of skin cancer was it?"

Malignant Melanoma, Clarks Level: IV, Breslow depth: 1.35mm, free margins

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