Thursday, May 12, 2005

Posting Issues and "House Cleaning"

Thanks to my friend Kathy who is checking in on me and thinking of me often. I had no idea that I forgot to press the "publish" button after my last post and my sight was down. Thanks Kathy! Hopefully I will get the hang of this over time!
So my Dad said a great thing about my chemo last night that I really liked. He asked me if I could skip chemo since the latest pathology was negative. I told him that unfortunately it does really work that way at my stage of the game and his response was:

"Well I guess that we can just look at the chemo as "house cleaning" then .. your just cleaning up those last few loose cancer cells."

Leave it to my Dad to find a great positive spin on the Chemo! I love it! I am getting ready to do some serious "House Cleaning"...

Those Melanoma dust bunnies have no place to hide!!!! The big SWEEP is coming!

Dad's are wonderful things!!!
Sadly there will be no Columbia Triathlon for me this year. But I can still pick up my packet and go and cheer my friends on. Besides my good friend Nancy will be doing Columbia on that day with her mighty-fine bike, BUTTERCUP, so I want to see her finish strong! There will also be several other RATS and DEADS at the race to cheer on, so "chemo side-effects willing", I will be there!


Flatman said...

Hey Holly,

Sorry to hear about Columbia, but you will have a great time anyway!

I love that quote from your Dad, it is classic...

You asked about my bike. No, it is not anywhere as spiffy as Nancy's, but I like it.

Here is a post about it:

kerihadley said...

this is my first blogging oppurtunity, i commented on your last post... but i don't know if you read back a day or whatever. clean nodes, clean nodes!!!