Monday, May 02, 2005

Status Quo

So this brings you to the present and my status quo:

I have my second round of surgery set for Wednesday, May 4th.

Dr. Wagner will remove a large portion of my sentinel lymph nodes and place a "Mediport" catheter into my chest to make the Interferon IV infusions and blood work samples needed throughout the year easier on my poor arms. Sounds better than being a pincushion and having the veins in my arms collapse!

Another great thing - I can swim with this "Mediport" since it is completely under my skin!!

You can just call me "Robo-Holly" as of Wednesday.

I see my Oncologist a week after surgery to get started on the arrangement/planning to start the Interferon Therapy.

Let the battle begin in earnest!! I'm ready.

Message to Melanoma cells still in my body: You little freaky bastards pick the WRONG WOMAN! I am a freakin' triathlete and a soon to be IRONMAN! I have plans, and they sure as hell don't include you! You had better get the hell out of my lymph nodes and I hope you suffer and die when that Interferon hits my system! There is no room for you here!


Shelley said...

Amen!!! Get those bloody cells out of this future Ironwoman!!!
Love your blog.

nancytoby said...

Love your blog - I'll stop by often! And I love your message to those nasty cells! YOU GO GIRL! You're an inspiration (like it or not) and we're all behind you!

*jeanne* said...

Way to go, Holly!
Beat the livin' $h*t of that nasty disease.
We're all pulling for you!

emily said...

atta girl! you're a beautiful lady and there ain't no room for this nonsense in your body. we're thinking about you in socal.

nancytoby said...

Hey Holly: Take a look at this link that I got from Flatman's blog at - the story of an Ironman cancer survivor at

Compelling stuff!!

Flatman said...

Wow, first visit and I am moved! I have been exposed to cancer in many ways. I lost my father in 1992. My father-in-law is battling it right now. Way to go on the psoitive is the only way to beat this crap! I will be keeping tabs on you...keep up the good work and training!!!

TriFeist said...

Die cancer cells, die! I'm trying to keep up with your news. Keep up the great attitude, girl!