Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So far behind that I might be ahead...6 treatments and holding!

I have 300 emails to check and many of them are still from last week. I am so far behind myself it is scary. To each and every friend and family member who has not heard from me yet, an email is coming.

You would think with all this time and no work, I would be on-line constantly but my mornings are spent slowly waking up and getting ready to go to treatment. Eating has become something of an effort. I'm just not very hungry but I'm making it a point to eat 3 times a day. You'd think with this lack of eating I'd be a rail but "no". I guess that that sharp decrease in activity takes away that extra calorie burn. No problem though, at least I am holding steady on the scale and not gaining either.

For those of you don't already know, I am a happy little control freak. I think it makes me a good triathlete. I can make a plan and stick to it!

Now imagine you are a control freak going through 20 cycles of Interferon therapy...and you walk into the office on Tuesday for treatment # 7 and they take your temp, take some blood, make you wait for 45 minutes and then SEND YOU HOME!!!

No chemo for me for 2 DAYS!!! ARG!!!

That is 2 treatments that I now have to make up at the end of "the plan"!! That is sooooo NOT in my grand scheme of things, ya know?

It seems that my white blood cell count is too low and since I "NEED" the white blood cells to kick the melanoma cells out, my treatment is taking a 2-day hiatus. So I have spent the past two dreary days (BRRR, it's chilly here in VA) reading and enjoying a respite from Tylenol.

If I have learned anything these past 3 months, it is that NOTHING in this experience is going to happen according to my own personal "timeline". All I can do is hope that these two days of rest have given my white blood cells a chance to regroup.

Tomorrows goals are:
1.) 20 minute walk
2.) Answer email
3.) Complete treatment #7
4.) Blog

Hey, you can take away the plan but you can't stop me from planning.

Living STRONG and regrouping the White Blood Cells for the fight!


nancytoby said...

We're still cheering for you!!

TriFeist said...

AH! How frustrating for you. I will think happy white blood cell thoughts today.

Stay strong!

Flatman said...

I would happily send some white blood cells in the mail to you if I could!!!

Get well soon!

Michelle said...

Keep it going, girl! You will be back at training in no time. And thanks for being such an inspiration - you help to get my lazy butt out of bed at 5:30am. ;0)