Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Lights Run

Too much eggnog? LOL .. this picture of me *CRACKS* me up! It is part of a dud shot BEFORE the actual run. Looks like it should be me at the bar *after* doesn't it?

Last night after my oncology appointment, I met with Nancy, *Jeanne* and Jeanne and we ran the 4th Annual Christmas Light Run with around 100 other local runners.

As we were waiting to start, a total stranger (who both Nancy and I noticed smelled like she had been dipping in the Eggnogg herself) came up and gave me this tremendous hug and said "Take a Christmas picture with me!" Who am I do deny somebody a Christmas wish? So I kindly obliged. Merry Christmas Strange Woman!!

It was so much fun and I honestly think that I ran a PR in the first 2 miles to the National Christmas Tree just trying to catch up to the main pack. Of course everybody else was out for a leisurely run. I was hanging off the back and Nancy was kind enough to hang with me when I needed to take a few walk breaks. By mile 2, we were generally in the bunch with other runner's around the whole time so we got to sing and greet people on the street. It was a wonderful way to spend a chilly night!

Jeanne, Jeanne's friend, *Jeanne*, Nancy, & Holly

FROM NANCY'S BLOG: We gathered at Union Station to get our packets of carol lyrics, then headed outside for final instructions and a rousing rendition of "Jingle Bells". We ran past the Capitol, all lit up as beautiful as it is every night. Then down the National Mall and past the major Smithsonian museums over to the Ellipse by the White House, where we had some more carols by the National Christmas Tree. Then back over toward the starting point, stopping for a moving tribute to fallen police officers at the Blue Christmas Tree across the street from the National Law Officers Memorial.

Following the run we stopped in at Kelly's Irish Times Pub. Jim met us there and I treated him to a Guinness, Nancy to an Irish Coffee and myself to a Black&Tan. MMMMM... CARBS! I tried to treat *Jeanne* but she was happy with her bottle of water.

It was a wonderful run with some AWESOME Ladies!!


Oldman said...

hey I love the stranger pic.... sounds like you had a good time and by the first pic it looks like you had a "nip" or two to chase away the chill!

did george invite you in for hot chocolate and cookies?

nancytoby said...

I want all my runs to end with Irish coffee. :-) FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!

KLN said...

I *love* the Irish Times -- one of my all time fave bars in DC.

Glad y'all had such a wonderful time, and happy you're in the holiday spirit, because you've been tagged!

kerihadley said...

holly, i unintentionally ran with jeanne at the jingle all the way 10k on sunday for a long time, after the race i wondered if she was the one who replied to your blog, she was. go figure. have a great day

Keryn said...

You look so happy! That stranger pic is a keeper!

Shelley said...

Cute pics!!!

*jeanne* said...

I'm such a bar-fly! Me and my bottled water at an Irish bar! ;-)

I LOVED attempting to sing carrols while also attemting to keep up with the pack, look at the holiday lights, read the lyric sheets, and NOT fall on my face, all AT ONCE!

What a HOOT!