Wednesday, December 07, 2005

You SPIN me Round, Round ...

Last night I venture back to the gym with Jim. The winter training season is officially upon us and my tight work clothes are "WARNING" me that I am at my personal limit. A quick jump of the scale confirmed it. I could continue to bitch and moan and cry about how I have gained 20 pounds in the last 6 months but I'm not going to do that anymore.

Instead, I am going to do what I can to get back to my "pre-diagnosis" weight. I accept that I may not be able to do anything about the numbers on the scale but if I am "living as if" then eventually my body with catch up with me. I accept that a change in the scale might not happen for another 6 months but at least then I will know that is was something beyond my control.

Toostie Rolls don't qualify as "beyond my control" unfortunately.

So Jim and I headed to the gym and the local "SPINNING" class. For the un-familiar, SPINNING is 40 minutes of group exercise on stationary bikes with music pumping and a good spin instructor leading you on heart-pumping ride to nowhere.

Jim and I *LUV* to spin!!

Unfortunately for me, on my first time in class in 6 months, we had a substitute instructor who had NO RHYTHM at all! She was UP, she was DOWN, she was UP, she was SPRINTING ... Personally, I think that she must be hysterical to watch riding on a real road bike. I don't think this woman EVER spends any time in the saddle ... Perhaps she simply needs a new saddle?

After the first 15 minutes of her constant popping out the saddle to sprint, I simply chose to do my own thing and monitor my effort. I have enough years of SPIN classes to modify my workout as needed. So I still got a great 40 minute workout. I am looking forward to trying a different SPIN instructor on Thursday though. Anything has to be better then "Out of the Saddle" Sadie, the crazy spinning lady!

Living STRONG!


Iron Benny said...

Nytro and I love spin classes. You can really get a sweat going in there. It's all about the instructor though. Personally, I like a lot of standing. Gets the quads burning big time. Good luck with the goals!

Bolder said...

Livin' strong! Go Holly!!

p.s. my last spin workout, i was hopin' for a recovery ride, but the instructor wanted to mash gears in a low cadence, just did my own thing... no problem.

'Zilla said...

Hee hee, Out of the Saddle Sadie! Nice! You're right, it depends (hugely) on the instructor. It's great when they are actual cyclists. Great job getting back there, and good luck with the weight loss! You CAN!