Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My youngest sister Cathy turned the big *21* on Sunday. She was born during my Freshman year in Highschool and we are 14 years apart in age. Frankly, I don't see how she could be 21 .. since I don't feel much older. Hmmph ...

• I remember changing your diapers and burping you

(Heather, Cathy & Holly - 1986)

• I remember sitting you on my lap to brush your little curls (which are big beautiful waves of hair now!).

• You were always a patient model when I was in the mood to take pictures

• I still have stories that you wrote in grade school and drawings that you mailed me when I was far away (3 hours is far when you are 6!) in college.

• I may not have been around much for the majority of your childhood, I was off trying to "make my way" but you and Heather were always on my mind and in my thoughts and I cherished coming home for Christmas every year so I could see you.

• I don't remember when it happened but one year, I came home from Christmas and my "baby" sister was a young woman. And what an amazing woman you are!

Happy Birthday Baby Sister!! I love you!


XF-15DCC said...

WOW Happy Birthday to Cathy. Another family member I can raise a good beer for. I dont enjoy beer durring the week but to turn 21......A St Bernardus Abt 12 Belgian Abbey Ale for Cathy.

I need another hobby........


nancytoby said...

What a touching tribute! Happy birthday, Cathy!

nancytoby said...

What a touching tribute! Happy birthday, Cathy!

surferchickHG said...

I don't think i've ever seen that first picture!! I can hardly believe she is 21 either..and i'm only three years older! I can't wait for christmas!LOVE YOU SISTER!

Downhillnut said...

I love that great smile all three of you have, and that first picture is ADORABLE.

Happy Birthday Cathy!