Friday, December 09, 2005

Flakey Days

SNOW! or rather SLUSH is what we got last night. It should make for some extra FUN this Sunday when I run the Jingle All the Way 10K in DC with my friend Keri!

Last night I did a long night at the gym. Since we had an *IMPENDING STORM*, my office let us out an hour early. (Folks down here really jump the gun with any call of snow) So I wandered s-l-o-w-l-y to the gym and hit every possible shop in Crystal City along the way. I still ended up there with 45 minutes until the scheduled SPIN class. So I jumped on the Elliptical Machine for an easy 30 minutes, did some stretching and then took the 45 minute SPIN class.

We had a different instructor tonight, another Jim, who KICKED OUR BUTTS in a wonderful way. I will definitely be coming back for his class as often as I can.

I'm not sure how "ready" I am for the 10K on Sunday but I showed myself last night that I can still handle over an hour of cardio so I figure I didn't lose as much fitness as I thought during my NOVEMBER post-marathon slump. YEAH!!!
Tonight is the 5th Anniversary of Jim and my *first date* and JIM HAD TO REMIND ME!! I guess that is the kind of year it has been. We're heading out to dinner and then off to Penn Camera to buy each other *OUR* Christmas gift to each other. This year we are treating ourselves to a new camera: Nikon D70S We are both old school shutterbugs with about 5 cameras between the two of us that we use and about 10 antique cameras that decorate the townhouse.

I think we might have to set up a "schedule of use" with the new camera though ... I doubt it either one of us will want to let it go much in the first few weeks!

Somewhere in the midst of today, I need to fit in a 3 mile run. Looks like I have to make a date with a treadmill later today!



Cliff said...

Jim (not the instructor) is a special man....there is no way I can remember dates (other than my own b-day).

Unless the first date is on my b-day :D...

'Zilla said...

Glad this spin class went better! Congrats on the dating anniversary, and have fun with the camera - We want pics! :)

Oldman said...

great looking camera. we now expect great pics on your site. congrats on the 5th anniversary!

Bolder said...

that's a great race name:

Jingle All the Way 10K

that's a great camera too:


jeanne said...

Hey Holly, i'll be there on sunday too! I hope we can meet up! (I think we're on the same schedule, since I did the mcm too!)

I'll be the one in the crappy green sweatshirt, and pretty powerderblue hat. With a worried look on my face!

Hope to see you!

jeanne said...

p.s. my bib # is 1448.

Ellie said...

Happy Holly Day!

Iron Benny said...

Good luck on Sunday, make sure Jim takes a bunch of pics with the new camera. Also, congrats on your first date anniversary.

Mom said...

Get your running in in DC, Vermont has 5 inches of snow with more coming. Great sleding while you are home but not great for running.
See you soon

Fe-lady said...

Man you have alot of energy! You make me feel lazy! (With all your gym workouts!) I think those of us who don't battle the weather wnymore are SOFT! Snow builds hardiness and determination...sometimes I miss it. But not too much! :-)