Friday, August 12, 2005

A better week by far

Every day this week has felt better than the day before. In fact yesterday I felt down right "NORMAL". It was a great day. I was feisty at work, had a lot of energy and came home and rode 13 miles on my bike on the local trails with Nancy!

You know every time I get on my bike, I fall in love with it all over again. That doesn't happen with running or swimming. Sure if I miss some runs, I crave running but I don't love it in the way that I "LOVE" riding my bike.

Bike Love is a beautiful thing!

We are in for a scorcher this weekend and I have a 120 minute run/walk workout on the calendar. The goal is to cover the time, even if I can't run all of it. Looks like I will be up EARLY (6AM) to beat the heat!

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! Live STRONG!


Sugar said...

Sounds like you aren't letting old "Mel" get you down! I know "mel" too. Mel showed up three years ago with a Breslow of .42mm. Since then "mel" been kept at bay.

TriFeist said...

SOOOOO, how was the run. Sounds like you had a realist plan for the run.

Flatman said...

Great ride! I love my bike too!

the flea said...

as are my hero. and a total rock star! i'm in chicago. orientation starts tomorrow. i'll check in with you next week. keep smiling!