Wednesday, August 03, 2005



I have a "yet to be determined" pain in the front of my right shin about 2 inches up from my ankle. It feels like a shin splint but it is pretty specific and only hurts when I am walking. I don't recall doing anything and as a matter of fact I took yesterday OFF as an additional day of recovery since this weekend was pretty big in terms of activty. Any ideas on what could be causing my pain? I will be icing it when I get home tonight!

I guess I won't run today but hop on the bike and do an easy 10-15 miles if I don't melt first. Man it is HOT today!

My white blood cells are playing "rollercoaster" again. Last week they were up and now they are back down low. I thought maybe I had done it with too much of a good time this weekend but upon doing some research, I learned that Exercise encourages your body to create more nuetraphils.

I have an appointment with Dr. Butler next week and I am going to "beat a dead horse" and ask him more about how much or little I can exercise as well as what he thinks of my low blood counts and my desire to do the Marine Corps Marathon.

The reality is that this year I need to focus on staying healthy and getting as much treatment as I can. If run/walking the Marine Corps is going to have a negative impact on my overall health than I will defer it to next year. It is worth it to ask Dr. Butler's medical opinion and maybe run my workout schedule by him.

Right now I am honestly torn between just dropping out of it all together and just waiting to see how I feel next week. I suspect that some of my desire to just defer now has everything to do with feeling so fatigued this week and having very little desire to get out and exercise. Two or three years ago, I would have acted on my impulse and defered right away but I have grown more patient in the past year and I am willing to wait and see what the next few weeks bring.

On a happier note: Look!!! It's me and Catherine, Elisabeth & Nancy at the Blackwater Duathon! (I am the lady behind the jog stroller.)


Oldman said...

sounds like shin flexable are your shoes? not new shoes I assume? Ice 10 min on 10 min of for 1 hour. Try some over the counter ibprofin. Streach your achilles see if that relieves the pain.

Flatman said...

What a great photo! I bet you had a blast with those two and I bet they loved you too. Rest that shin and it will get better. Good idea on running that plan by your doctor. If it isn't the right time, there will be another race!

Hope you're feeling better really soon!

nancytoby said...

We're cheering for you, HOlly! I think your approach is a good one. Keeping your positive attitude is priority one, and everything else will happen as it needs to!