Tuesday, August 16, 2005

HOT Weekend Update

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and just as HOT as this weekend was...Perhaps hotter.

I did not get my long run in this weekend. The heat sucked every last bit of energy that I had whenever I was out in it. I also had one of my college roommates (Class of '92) in town from California so the focus was on catching up and spending time together. I feel no remorse in missing the long run, I had a fun weekend!

My friend Sandy and I had a wonderful visit and we all attended a Bowling birthday party for one of Jim's friends. Does bowling count as cardio? I bowled 3 games, each one progressively worse but I didn't feel as tired as my scores indicated. Funny how that works!

I stand humbled by all my athletic friends like Nancy who got out and got their workouts in this weekend's heat and humidity. I'm not worthy!

I did get a 3 mile Run/Walk in yesterday in the early evening after a good nap. It was still pretty hot but there was a breeze and shade on the trails and that made a big difference. Today my legs are feeling a little fatigued but the rest of the body is holding up well! Looks like the reduction in Interferon per shot agrees with me so far.

Looking to the week ahead, I have to really get serious about getting in my long run/walks or else I have no business even considering showing up at Arlington cemetery on October 30th for the Marine Corps Marathon. While I have some pretty big goals that I don't want to abandon. I do have the proper respect for the distance and the other folks out there who are training hard. I figure that as long as I can get on track with my long runs and have a positive racing experience on October 2 at the Army 10 Miler then I can make an informed decision on stepping up to the starting line at the Marine Corps Marathon.

I have been tagged by Nancy. I guess I better get to work on coming up with some answers. More to follow later in the week!

Keep Living STRONG folks!


TriFeist said...

You have to be practical about heat because...it's hot. Really hot. One missed long run does not upset a marathon. Better to show up healthy and undertrained than injured. Not that you'll be undertrained. You've got plenty of time to ramp up the miles.

tri-mama said...

I bowl so bad it has to be some kind of training, particularly for all the arm waving I do trying to will the ball out of the gutter and back up to the lane :)

I think it's good to skip a workout once in a while for the important things, it makes the constant pressure to train a little less mentally draining when it's not the be all and end all. I hope that makes sense.