Monday, August 01, 2005

The week in review - Ride like a girl!

I have been such a slacker and I have much to share. My birthday week was a grand success. Not only did I get some quality workouts in this week but I also got some wonderful cards, flowers and gifts from friends and family. My mom sent me a great tshirt (Ride like a Girl!) and a new cycling jersey and Jim bought me a 6 DVD set of the 2004 Tour de France!

All the unsolicited bike encouragement led to a wonderful yet tiring 23 mile bike ride through the FLAT roads of St. Michael's this weekend with Ellie and Diane, while visiting with Nancy. We got stuck briefly in a rain shower but the warm weather and lack of thunder or lightening just added to the fun.

Saturday was the first GWO Ladies Track meet and not only did I learn what the little marks on the track meant but I also ran my first timed 100, 200 and attempted 400s. Even with a warm up, there was nothing left in my legs for the 400. It's something to shoot for later on! Inquiring minds may want to know how fast I was .... Not fast at all. I was last 2 out of 3 times. I'm not to worried though, I had fun running as fast as I could and found some muscles (THAT ARE SORE NOW!) that I didn't even know I had.

Sunday was the Blackwater Traverse Duathlonout in Cambridge, MD. The GWO ladies ALL came back with hardware from the race! Ellie took 2 Overall in her age group, W50-54; Nancy took 1st place Athena 40+; and Jeanne and Diane took 1st place for woman's Relay team! I took 1st place as Baby Sitter for Nancy's wonderful twins, Catherine and Elizabeth. Once I figured out that the girls preferred apple juice, fruit loops, and walking in the jog stroller instead of sitting around watching the race, we were golden. I think all told I walked them for at least 3 of the 4 hours that we were in Cambridge. This included some "speed work" and " stroller acrobatics". I actually woke up with sore abs today!

Adventure du jour (translated: Adventure of the Day) - The first day on Celexa; anti-depression meds to counter the progressive depression that has been creeping in on the weekly Intron-A shots. It has only been a few hours so I am not going to make any immediate judgments on effectiveness but I can tell you that I'm not enjoying the cotton mouth. In reality it takes about 2-4 weeks for enough meds to build in your body to be effective so in this case only a little time will tell.

Flatman has tagged me!! I will need to tackle this tonight at my leisure but for now my lunch break is over! More to come later ....


Flatman said...

I am glad you all had such a fun time! How great is it that you guys got to spend that much time together. I am pining away for some sort of training partner...

Hope the new meds make things all better!

nancytoby said...

CRAP. Did I forget to wish you happy birthday? What a loser friend I am! Anyway, I hope you had fun, because it was great to have you here! Elisabeth would ask when you're coming back except she can't talk yet. ;-)