Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Long Naps and Dead Legs

Author's Note: The following is a true account. The sanity of the person(s) involved is not in question, yet.

"Nap Time" - Tuesday 2PM EST

Holly: "I'll just lay down for an hour"

Holly's Body: "Yeah, let's nap! We promise you will wake up with the alarm!"

Holly: "Okay, let me set the alarm. I have an appointment at 4PM so I have to be up by 3PM. Short Nap Only!"

Holly's Body: "Short Nap!!! OKAY!! Woohoo, she is taking a nap!!"

-- Two and one-half hours later --

Holly: "Why am I awake, I know I need to get up but why?"

Holly's Body: "Aw just go back to sleep, SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!!

Holly: "4:30PM ?!? Damn, where is the phone, got to call the Dr. Office. Man am I sleepy!"


Naps are mandatory on Interferon. It seems that I needed some serious sleep yesterday after my 5 hour work day! I did manage to reschedule my Dr. Appointment for later today, get a 12 mile bike ride in and do a little more packing (I am moving this weekend) but I was still in bed by 9PM and slept until 6AM this morning. When fatigue speaks, I listen!

Regarding the 12 mile bike ride, post nap. My legs were completely empty. Jim and I call them "dead legs". Not a drop of extra glucose in those muscles anywhere. I figure that is my payback for not having any delayed muscle soreness after this weekend's long run. So I just peddled along slowly enjoying the beautiful day and telling my body to "wake up" because I missed my appointment but I was NOT missing my workout!

Sometimes you just got to remind your body that you are in charge! (For the moment anyways!)


nancytoby said...

Naps are my best friend. Next to food.

TriFeist said...

Bummer. At least you made the workout! Rides are great for recovery.

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the flea said...

at least your body know when to take over for your brain. you are kicking butt with your work outs. mine have been resigned to "walking to campus", "walking to church", and "walking to the L". i'm totally envious. good luck with the move!