Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm moving in every sense of the word ...

I'm in the midst of moving in with Jim this weekend. I don't expect to end up having much time to post since I want to at least unpack my clothes, dishes and bathroom stuff. Everything else can wait until Jim and I decide what stays and what goes.

I did get a workout in yesterday but it felt like the slowest, hardest 2.5 miles ever. I did run/walk 3/1 intervals the whole time but it felt as though I never found my stride. Once again dead legs prevailed. I am going to try again today since I am feeling a lot less fatigue than yesterday and then I will take Saturday OFF and go for my long run Sunday.

I'll report back in on Monday - Unless I end up buried under boxes, of course.

Have a great weekend and live STRONG!

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