Friday, August 19, 2005

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

My week in general has been fantastic! Seems as though the reduction in dose on the shots makes a big difference. My blood work came up a full 1/4 of a point this week and I have had alot more energy.

On Wednesday I had a run/walk to remember! While it was slightly less than 4 miles - short by some people's standards - My first 2 miles were sub 12:30s. That is HUGE when you consider that I haven't seen anything under 13:00 since I started chemo in mid-May. For the record, my intervals were 2/1 Run/Walk for that workout.

On Thursday, feeling well rested and like a "half-a-million bucks" aka Pretty Darn Good, I put a second coat of paint on the hallway and I rode my bike 17 miles. It took me a pedestrian 1.5 hours to cover the distance but I felt good the entire way. Then I came home, had some dinner, gave myself a shot and began yawning constantly until I went to bed around 9:30 pm.

And all of this activity is after a 5 hour work day. I am up to 25 hours a week now and aiming for 30 hours next week.

So with such a great week, why such a negative title to my blog?

Because I am still trying to find some balance and struggling a little. Today I woke up feeling exhausted with a headache which has yet to dull. You would never know that I slept a full 9 hours last night. So obviously I over did it somewhere between the painting and the bike ride. Perhaps the balance will be found in riding 10 miles instead of 17 when I do something in addition to the workout? Maybe I should have taken yesterday off from the workout and done the bike ride today?

With 7 weeks out of 48 weeks of shots finished, I still feel like I am struggling to find some balance. But I have faith that I will find it. It is just taking a little bit longer than I imagined.

Today there will only be recovery since I have a long run on the schedule for this weekend and the long run will be my ONLY workout this weekend so that I can start the work week feeling rested and ready to go!

Wherever you are in your life, I hope you find some balance and have a wonderful weekend !!



TriFeist said...

Glad to see your body responds to the slightly lower dose of chemo. Keep it up! You will find the proper balance eventually. Heck, sages throughout history looked for the secret to balance. It takes time.

Good luck with your long run this weekend!

Keryn said...

Glad to see you're doing better. We all struggle with the balance. I call my life a personal triathlon - career, family, training. I admire you for doing all that you do and doing it so well. You ROCK!

*jeanne* said...

Well, it's TWO steps forward, and only ONE step back.

That's Progress!

...and it maybe can be thought of as a waltz?