Friday, January 06, 2006

Couldn't say it better myself ..

Early on in my short "blogging" history, I found a new friend. He is also a Melanoma survivor and a Triathlete. He didn't know me but he stepped forward with encouragment, compassion and understanding.

I am very blessed to call him a friend and his post yesterday on a "Time for Reflection" is a must read!!

Live STRONG Everybody!


3rs said...

luv your new header and philosophy

Annie said...

Hi there, you and I have something in common - triathlons and melanoma. We are also similar in age and, it seems, similar in personality. I was diagnosed June of 2005, stage IIIb or something like that. Although I would rather focus on the triathlons, melanoma is currently taking center stage in my life. I have two boys, 7 and 9, and divorced my "Jim" a year ago. I just want to thank you for your humorous blog - I'm realizing I need to lighten up on mine - which has strictly been related to melanoma. Although I'm recovering from more surgery and potentially looking at a lung biopsy and/or a cocktail of drugs if I have progressed to stage IV, you have made me realize that I should set short-term goals for exercise (I've been bad about this since my diagnosis) and long-term hopes for more triathlons. Anyway, thanks for the influence you've had on me. Oh, I was wondering if you are the same Holly who posts on the MPIP? (Your blog is much more entertaining!) Best of luck to you, AnneW