Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

I had a 3-day weekend and do you think I got even half my list of "things to do" done?

Nope!! But it was a full weekend never the less.

Friday night was a night "OFF" from the workout schedule. I met Jim at Sine, had a Kilian's Red and Spinach Artichoke Dip for dinner (YUMM) and then we went to the DC Motorcycle show where I went all "girly" over the Vespas and made Jim take a picture with me on one. If I am ever going to ride a bike with an engine, I plan to start small and that works for me.


Saturday morning I planned on an easy bike ride along the Potomac and through some surrounding neighborhoods. I got lost trying to go home (I'm still new to the neighborhood) and my easy 12-15 mile ride turned into 20 miles. The ride started out balmy and a little windy and ended in 20-30 mph head winds for the last 5 miles home. I'd say that I got a good workout (and now I will never forget how to get home from Fort Hunt!!)

Saturday night was spent visiting with friends and watching football.

Sunday I went to the Health and Fitness Expo and saw "Dr. Jeff" from The Biggest Loser 2. He looked amazing!!

Monday was "tax day". I spent the morning starting to reconcile my medical deductions for Tax Year 2005. I have not even started to reconcile my Rx expenses and I am flabbergasted at the amount of money that I spent this year. Thank goodness for what medical insurance I do have or I might not have any savings left.

Midway through "tax day" I took a break to do the long run that I skipped on Sunday. I ran an out and back course of 2.5 miles for a total of 5 miles that includes some hills and flats. Throughout the workout I found myself breathing hard and using every moment of the recovery in my walk intervals. I kept wondering why the workout felt so darn hard until I looked at my watch and realized that during the "run" portion of my intervals I was keeping an 11:30 pace.

That's a "pre-Interferon" pace!!

I wasn't "fall on the ground exhausted" at the end of my run but I was having problems making sense so I'd say that it was a great long run albeit a little harder than I probably needed to push it!

It is good to know I still can push it!

Bring on the week! I'm living strong!


TriFeist said...

WAY COOL!!!! Way to go on those 11:30s. That's great!! Interferon cannot hold you back.

nancytoby said...

Those Vespas are so cute! And you look GREAT on it!! They would scare me in the traffic around here, though.

Kim said...

YAY! Great run! Congratulations.