Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year of the Phoenix

Happy New Year to you all!

Jim and I have declared 2006 to be the "Year of the Phoenix" in our household. The phoenix is a mythical creature celebrated across many cultures as a bird that "rises from the ashes every 500 years to begin anew".

And so we are choosing to use 2006 to "rise anew" - strong and vibrant towards a healthy, happy new year.

Living STRONG all the way...
I have struggled with making Goals in the last few months but since 2006 is a new beginning, I thought "jump in with both feet and make some long term commitments.

My 2006 Goals:

1. Loose 35 pounds of fat / Gain 10 pounds of muscle (min)

2. One Race/Event per Month (Swim,Bike or Run) - 12 events

3. Complete Half Ironman Distance Triathlon (2nd race at this distance)

2006 12-Event List

So far I have 3 months covered but I need to do some research to fill up the other 9 month and keep a little bit of balance if I can....

Feb - Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon
Apr - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
June - Bike Virginia (250-350 miles BIKE TRIP)

I have a few ideas for other races but I need to coordinate with Jim's upcoming events. Looks like it is time to have a "Calendar Pow-Wow" again already!


nancytoby said...

I'm waiting to see what half IM you're going to pick!

I love that phoenix picture!! You should put it in your header!!!

Flatman said...

That bike trip sounds awesome! Have you seen "Flight of the Phoenix" (the newer version) yet? It was pretty good!

Glad to see you making lofty goals!!! Keep living STRONG!

kerihadley said...

what about some triathalon goals? you know "tri and be happy" well i guess you have 9 other months to fill up. great goals and great determination.

Keryn said...

Great goals and awesome idea...the Year of the Phoenix...I love it!

Iron Benny said...

I agree with Nancy, you should put that graphic in your header. You go girl. 2006 is sure to be a break out year for you. You go girl!

surferchickHG said...

wooo for the myrtle beach half marathon!!! i cant wait!

Lora said...

Luv your goals--and luv your spirit! Sounds like a great year for you!! Go for it!

Cliff said...

I like goal two and three. But if u aim for those two, the result will be goal one :)

Theresa said...

Great Goals! You have inspired me to set some goals for myself.