Sunday, January 22, 2006

Long Slow Distance - 8 Miles Saturday

The Runner ... Holly

And her Gear ...Cell Phone, Water, Cliff Blocks, Road ID & IPOD Mini

The slight climb out of the driveway ...

Five Guys - Burgers and Fries - Temptation in the first mile.

Warm Up is over: Big Climb - Start of Mile Two

At the top of your climb - a Vintage Salmon Station Wagon - 1973 - FOR SALE!

What goes up must come down ...

And down further still ... Head to the river!

2 Miles Down - Rest Stop!

speed limit
Miles 2-6: on the Mount Vernon Trail - Watch you speed!

dog man
Passed by a pack!

View at Mile 3 - 1 mile to your turn around!

A Beautiful Day for a Long Slow Run ...

On the back half of the run - Keep your eyes UP!! Only 3 miles left!

mile marker
2.5 miles to go!

Finding Inspiration in the most unlikely places!

Runner's Notes: I had a blast "photo blogging" this run but the workout wasn't quite what I had hoped for. The one thing that I "forgot" was to put on my Body Glide and I paid dearly for that oversight. By Mile 6, my inner thighs were chafed and raw so I cut the run short. I walked the last 2 miles (mostly uphill) home. It was a beautiful day, so even walking was wonderful BUT I had the energy to run so that small mistake cost me a few miles.

Body Glide is a voluptuous triathlete's best friend! I won't soon forget that lesson!

Living STRONG in spite of chafing!


Shelley said...

whoaaaa, nice pics..and it was warm enought to wear shorts?? Lucky girl!!

GatorJamie said...

Love those ClifBloks!

Keryn said...

Very nice pics. Thanks for the pictoral view of your run. I have that exact same phone! At least I did. I just found out my husband left it at his friend's house in North Carolina! Ugh!

Amazon Alanna said...

I loved your entry for today. I was thinking about (dreading) a run this afternoon, but now I'm kind of excited about the prospect.

It's also making me realiz that I've gotta stick some pics on my blog. I am just so jealous!

I've never tried the cliff blocks, but they would make Bill Cosby proud...they look like jello jigglers.

nancytoby said...

Great photo tour! Hey, I know that trail!

I could never run in those shorts. My thighs would start on fire. I've just given up on my inner thighs and just cover them with lycra.

Cliff said...

How are the Clif Blocks? I am meaning to try them. Have you tried sharkies? I tried those and didn't really like it. Stuck in my teeth and not chewy.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Hi! :-)
Love the photoblog. Feels like I ran along with you.

bunnygirl said...

Thanks for pics-- I love seeing where people run!

I tried the Clif Blocks at the Houston Marathon Expo. They reminded me of the Knox Blocks that always turned up at church socials when I was a kid. And no, I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way. Just about anything with sugar in it is okay in my book.

XF-15DCC said...

You would look cool behind the seat of that classy auto. You going to make an offer?

the "younger" uncle


Dori said...

I'm jealous that you can wear shorts in January! I'm impressed that you carry road id. I've been putting that off for a long time, but I do carry a piece of paper with my husband's name and cell phone number on it.

I'm a runner, but not a triathlete. I like your blog--found it through Not Born to Run.

Ellie said...

Very cool pics, Holly! Love 'em!

*jeanne* said...

Oh, man! Talk about FLASHBACKS! That post took me pictorially through my 18-miler LONG RUN all over again! I did it THERE! (but the first 13.1 miles were with the support of DCRRC's Gar Williams Half Marathon!)

I just stopped by to say, "Hi!" (E!!ie sent me)


Flatman said...

Very cool post!!! I need to do this on my next ride!

Oldman said...

great idea to photo blog your run! i'm going to steal your idea.

Downhillnut said...

Love the views! I have the same dislike of chewing while running, and HATE things that stick to my teeth. I find when I use a chocolate gel (which I love) I'm not messy at all :)

And the Body Glide omission? Been there done that, and will never do it again. Oooch!