Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Coming Soon ...


Sometime in July, if not sooner, Jim and I will be adding to our household. We have decided that we are going to open our home to two Bengal Kittens.


The Bengal Cat is a medium to large domestic cat that originated from crossing the Asian Leopard Cat to the domestic cat in an attempt to create a companion with the "exotic" look of the wild with a domestic cat temperament.



A domestic Bengal (four or more generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat) has been selectively bred for an active, loving and resolute disposition. Some Bengals are extremely interactive and insist on being an active member of the family. Many Bengals have a natural love for water and for interactive playing with adults, children and other pet members of the family.


Please don't lecture me about adopting some shelter kittens. Jim and I thought long and hard about what kind of pets we wanted and have determined that this special breed of cat has everything that we want in pets. Of course we both love Cats and have both grown up in multiple pet households and we decided that if we were going to commit ourselves to two cats then we wanted cats with specific personality traits.

My only question is ... IS IT JULY YET?


nancytoby said...

No lectures from me! They're gorgeous!!! I'm envious! Just call on Auntie Nancy to cat-sit on weekdays if you need it!! That will be a great way to celebrate the END OF YOUR TREATMENTS!

XF-15DCC said...

"Please don't lecture me about adopting some shelter kittens."

Nope never lecture pluse you have seen pictures of our 2 Persians.

We tried to rescue several times but could never find that special one(s) OR they were still too wild for house cats. I hear people having luck at the rescue joints but we never did.
July is only 109 days away.

Shelley said...

I'm should be adopting a rescued greyhound...just kidding of course!! My greyhound would eat a poor little kitty and I LOVE THOSE!! I wish I could have one tooooo!!! They are so sweet, good luck!!

Amazon Alanna said...

No lectures here, either. I have a pure bred Weimaraner.

They are absolutely gorgeous!

Bolder said...

i was gonna say as long as they are not persians, but jennifer beat me to it.

enjoy your cats -- but with two of them -- they've got you evenly numbered... don't give them the vote!

bunnygirl said...

Hey, they're cuties no matter where you're getting them!

cathy said...

no lecture about adopting just one thing for thought....what happens to all the generations before yours....who takes end up with at least 3 generations, about 4 kittens at least per litter, that's 12 unwanted, unsellable kittens. Let alone the in breeding and the vet bills that will occur due to it. You can do what you want obviously, but as the opinionated, animal loving, little sister I must voice my opinion......I don't care about paying for a pet...just how that pet had to get to be yours.

Holly said...

Yours is a thoughtful opinion. From what I have researched, the early (or FOUNDATION) generations are a mix of a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard. The first three Foundation generations generally produce infertile male offspring. There are a few exceptions to this rule but for the most part, only female Foundation Bengals have proven to be fertile and thus the Foundation males are adopted into qualified pet homes.

I have not read any reports of unwanted kittens even in the early foundation generations. Most reputable breeders take responsibility for all the cats that they raise and there are strict contracts in place for the purchase and adoption of all cats whether they are intended as pets, show cats or breeders.

I certainly cannot verify that every breeder has ethics but you can be rest assured that Jim and I have been investigating our options responsibly. Jim and I are not looking for the perfect show cats of the breed. We are the people who are interested in the "less than perfect" kittens who may not look like show bengals but maintain the personality of the breed.

This isn't any different than the purchase of Max, Zeke, Dubber or any of the other dogs that you and I grew up with. It's simply a purebred cat.

The significant difference is that Jim and I are being informed and taking responsibility in adopting two pets. We both know what the costs and expectations are.

surferchickHG said...

weeehooo kittens!!! if you can't wait until july, you can borrow mine for now. One got stuck in the airconditioning vent system, one got lost in the attic and one used the brand new sofa as a litter box. no worries, all of them are doing well now but apparently they didn't appreciate the move!!!!


Sister Antillico said...

Came on to your blog by accident-just wanted to say congrats on your soon-to-be new additions.

I'm currently owned by 2 foundation Bengal cats. I have a male F1 (his daddy was an Asian leopard cat) & a female F2 (her grandma was an ALC).

They are WONDERFUL pets, but ONLY if you know what you're getting into. I'm referring to the foundations specifically, but all potential Bengal owners need to know they're not getting an ordinary run of the mill cat (which you obviously do). As long as foundations are socialized properly and early, they are the most incredible pets. I have had zero problems w/ mine (behaviorally or otherwise).

One of the best descriptions I've heard for Bengals is that they're like having a 2 year old that, not only gets INTO EVERYTHING (cabinets, drawers, etc...), but can get on TOP of everything (bookshelves, doors, cabinets, fridge, etc...). So, be prepared to child-proof your entire house!!

Good luck & congrats again!

Lynn said...

Have to agree with the last comment! Oh, are you in for some fun! My son doesn't think that the Bengals are 'normal' cats.

I'm just amazed at their ability to get into cupboards & fridges & at their immense capacity for trying anything new ... mine were munching on a cucumber the other evening. So they are complete little pains.

But also complete little darlings. Great company, great fun to have around. I'm sure that you're going to love them.

How many days is it now?