Monday, March 20, 2006

It's in the air...

SPRING is in the air! Even Nancy says so!

Eary spring in Northern VA ...STINKS! It's those beautiful Pear trees and some of the Cherry Blossom trees. They smell like garbage on a hot day. At least that is my take on the smell ...PHEW!!

Even with the stinky trees, I confess that I love this time of year. Everything is blooming and the days are longer and warmer.


Yesterday I ventured on a run/walk session to evaluate how Physical Therepy is working on my knee...I am thrilled to report that I covered 24 minutes of run/walking (1 minute intervals) and I was completely pain free!!!!! Add in the fact that it was a sunny afternoon and in the 50s - my ideal running conditions - and you have a nearly perfect day!

Even though I am making great progress in getting my knee to heal, it is not soon enough for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in two weeks. I have considered switching to the 5K race distance but only time will tell so for now, I am going to spectate and cheer on Nancy and Keri and keep my focus on slowly increasing my workouts in prep for the Marilyn Lathom HomeGrown Triathlon on May 7th. The race is a sprint distance (1000 yd Swim - 12 mile Bike - 5K Run) and well within my capabilities in spite of the reduced training levels.

The way I look at it ... I am starting over again. No need to try to run a Marathon on Day One. 5K will be a good start!



surferchickHG said...

yeay!! i love spring too. i understand how you feel about starting from square one....sorta. I haven't run in weeks now, my body hasn't really wanted to, and top that off with the move into the new house i'm just exhausted. But the books you sent me are so inspiring i just want to run a marathon NOW NOW NOW!!! But i know it will have to wait about 19 months before I get that point. so slow and steady plus a lot of patience, for now. Anyways, I'm 90% sure it will be the OBX marathon in the fall of 07, so i hope you will be there with me!!! Good luck with everything, i'm glad to see your knee is feeling better. I LOVE YOU SISTER!!

nancytoby said...

I agree about those smelly trees! I love to look at them, but I'm allergic to them. Wish I could join you on that sprint tri, but I just realized that I signed up for the Bay Bridge run instead that day. :-(

Cliff said...

All i see in the air is snow...i ain't kidding you. It snowed this morning.

Yup..spring is in the air :0

Iron Benny said...

If Nancy says so then it must be. She is a wise women.

The Ding Dong Diet said...

Hello...I put in a search for "interferon/melanoma" and I came across your blog. My fiance was diagnosed with metatstaic melanoma a few months ago. He began his interferon treatment on March 6th (the daily IV) and he will begin shots 3x weekly on April 3rd. This has affected his mind in such horrible much that he has told me he wants to be completely alone, not see or talk to anyone (including me) until these 4 weeks are done...he is a completely different man now. I am wondering if it affected you in the same way, if this behavior is normal, and how long it took you to get back to feeling normal (or as normal as it will allow) after you finished your first month (if it was the same type of treatment). Thank you very much.