Thursday, March 23, 2006



I HATE that every time something new comes up I have to call the Doctor ...

I HATE going to the Doctor this frequently...


I HATE going to the Doctor for these side effects and being asked "Did you take (_________)?"
(Insert endless variety of over-the-counter drugs in here)

I HATE telling Jim and all my other friends and family "WHAT SEEMS WRONG NOW" even though I know that they understand and care....


10 WEEKS and counting ......


Bolder said...

it is hard Holly. you're doing awesome. and, you are being proactive.


surferchickHG said...

ten weeks....
ten weeks you will be DONE with chemotherapy.
ten weeks you will more than officially be a cancer survivor.
ten weeks.
Don't get frustrated about the docs, because it's better to know what's going on, making sure everything is ok, than to sit around and think, ehh no biggie. you are so strong, and you have come so far. you are my hero, big sister, and those ten weeks should be scared of you, cause you are going to kick their a$$. I love you, don't get down!

Keryn said...

You can handle this. You've handled WAY more than 10 weeks already. I know you can do this.

Plus, you are SO not a hypochondriac. There's a woman in my office who visits her physical therapist twice weekly even though she's not injured or sick or anything. She cleans her desk for 30 minutes every day. She cleans her coworkers desks whenever she has to work at their station. She carries hand santitizer with her EVERYWHERE and uses it constantly. She goes to the doctor every other week or so for some illness or another. She's convinced her coworkers are going to kill her with the constant cold viruses going around. She thought she had bird flu (she's never left Iowa). She stopped eating beef because of mad cow disease. She's a hypochondriac. have 10 weeks of this crap to put up with. You have a legitimate problem that needs serious medicine. You LIVE STRONG and mean it. Keep it up, babe!

XF-15DCC said...

Yes side effects from medication suck, been there done that hated it. BUT as much as they suck, they are the lesser of two evils. Side effect or melanoma……..

Hang in there, 10 weeks is not that far away and remember about 15 weeks before you guys will start your kitty search!

Warm fuzzies