Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend In Review

It was a WONDERFUL weekend, just as I had planned. Saturday started with some serious SLEEPING IN until 9AM (very late for me!) - I guess I needed it. Then I did some chores and I RAN/Walked 5K on Saturday afternoon (2/1 Intervals) and it took about 42 minutes. While the workout may have been slow, from some points of view, it was fantastic because the end result was no pain or swelling in my right knee!!!!!!

Sunday turned into a day of laundry, Book Club with some close girlfriends and a wonderful chat with my sister. I never did get out on the bike but I don't feel too badly because we have a beautiful week coming up in terms of weather and I plan to take advantage of the longer daylight hours.

The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is this coming weekend and it looks to be the best weather yet! Keri and Nancy (my marathon pace pals) are both running the full distance. I have decided to drop to the 5K race distance since I am still coming back. It will be fun to run and get to watch folks finish the race !!



TriFeist said...

YEAH BUDDY!!! Great news on your knee. It's good to hear your weekend went well.

Cliff said...


yeah sleepign till 9 am is consider sleep in to me as well :)

christine said...

yeah for sleep.

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Have a great race and say hi to Nancy, eh.