Friday, March 24, 2006

Power of Positive Thinking


I am going to have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Because I want to have a wonderful weekend!! I have all these awesome people in my life who keep sending me tons and tons of good vibes. Why would anybody refuse to take advantage of all that positive energy coming their way?

So I may "itch" but I can just lather on more lotion ...Crazy unexpected things may happen this weekend but I will just take them one event at a time and remember that I have planned to have a "WONDERFUL weekend!!"

I'll be on my bike and on the running trails with weekend, coaxing "SPRING" out of hybernation and sending postive vibes out to all of you!!!

Live STRONG ... The WEEKEND is here!


Flatman said...

YAY Holly!!!! I hope you have the best weekend ever!

TriFeist said...

YEAH!!! You are so positive, so inspiring.

Have a fantastic ride this weekend.

'Zilla said...

Awh, way to go, Holly... I LOVE sunflowers... just looking at them makes me happy! :-) Have a stupendous weekend, okay?!

XF-15DCC said...

Better to itch than bitch! Get on your bike and ride! Hope all you hills are down hill this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!


Keryn said...

Sunflowers are my FAVORITE flowers! I'm positive you'll have a fantastic weekend!