Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Love Letter - Body & Soul

Dear Body:

Thank you for everything you have endured over the last 41 weeks. I know you are tired and if it makes you feel any better, so am I. We only have 11 more weeks left and then I promise you that you can start over.

I wanted to address a few of you individually for a moment:

SKIN & LYMPH NODES - Thank you for not showing any evidence of Melanoma since last March. I tried to help you as quickly as I could and I'm as hopeful as you are that we got all those nasty Melanoma Cells. We are ending the Interferon in 11 weeks but I am confident that I can take care of you without it now.

I bought you some new sunscreen! Summer is coming, I promise to keep you safe!

BLOOD - Hang in there!! I know this was a bad week and you are running out of white and red cells. You canĂ‚’t go any lower - I don't want
"“Sepsis" any more than you do. I promise to rest up and drink plenty of water this week. In return can you work on coming back up to more normal levels? Dr. Butler has cut us back to 5 MIU of Interferon for the remainder of the 11 weeks - – that should help ease things a bit but I need you to come back up, PLEASE!

RIGHT KNEE- – WAHOOO! You are doing so great and responding well to the Physical Therapy. I promise that I will keep strengthening my quads, abductors and adductors for you even after PT is over. What do you say we do a few races this summer?

PORT in CHEST-– You okay? I know we swam a lot this weekend but you are making me a little paranoid with this pain. I'’ll give you 24 hours and then I am calling the Dr. on you...…

THYROID - I am sure you are fine but you are making me a little worried with all this sudden weight gain in the last week so I am having you tested. Do me a favor and show normal results. Even if I am not happy with the extra weight, it would be nice to know that resuming my normal exercise levels after treatment will take the weight right off.

REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM -– You have been through a lot over the last 2 months, I get it - – BUT YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY SYSTEM I AM DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW. I took you off the hormones after multiple years and what do you give me? PAIN? W-T-F!!! Drop the attitude, would ya? Your not getting extra hormones any more so get used to it.

BRAIN - You and I need to get together and work on this "“post cancer"” definition of what it means for Holly to "“Live STRONG"” so start mulling it over...

Yours truly,
Holly (Soul)


Steven said...

Wow, Holly.
I always help me keep things in perspective and for that I truly thank you.
Hang in there, you're doing great.

Steven said...

I meant "you" help me, not "I' help me?! Sorry.

nancytoby said...

You crack me up, Holly. 11 weeks!!! Sorry for all those selfish little other systems acting up just when you need them to give you a break!!


melbel said...

So, this is the time of year that kids are counting the weeks until school gets out. It's a great time for you to be counting the weeks too. So, here's to those cancer cells having learned their lesson(s). And, here's to the light at the end of the tunnel being summer sunshine instead of that train that came through last time. You are amazing. You are fabulous. AND, you are almost done! Just let me know if any of those systems/parts need a "honey we gotta talk" talk from me. :-) I'm ready. Anytime.

'Zilla said...

Oh, what a fantastic post, HOlly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you these last weeks. You're almost there!!!