Thursday, September 15, 2005

Baby Shower & Long Run

This weekend I am giving my girlfriend Liz a baby shower. I suspect the next 48 hours will be busy. In anticipation, I took tomorrow off so I could run my last errands without feeling frantic.

I had entertained the notion of baking individual cakes like little baby booties when I learn that the bakery that I frequent no longer does that themselves. Then last night I tried to make one of the little cakes...

Let's just say that my design skills are better suited to computers and print pieces and I will be leaving the art of decorating with frosting and fondant to others.

Yesterday I tried to go for a short 3 mile run. I have had two full recovery days but since my last shot on Tuesday, I have been feeling progressively more "Interferon Funky". It was a struggle to cover the 3 miles. I started out at 3/1 run/walk intervals and by the turn-around point I was down to 1/1 run/walk intervals. It was painfully slow, I felt like I was running in mud (no energy) but I was happy to have finished the workout. As my friend Nancy just recently said: "A slow workout is better than no workout at all."

So tomorrow I will indulge in my day off, get errands done and do my 3 mile run at my leisure (probably early in the morning if this humidity breaks and then this weekend I will play Baby Shower "Hostess" and attempt the long run on my schedule.

All hail sticking to "The Plan"

Pictures of my new hat AND the infamous "Baby Bootie Cupcake" will be posted later tonight!


Jerome Jackson said...

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nancytoby said...

Baby bootie cupcakes? What a hoot! If they just look like a little blob, you can say it's really a portrait of what the baby will look like when it arrives. :-)

And about that interest-free credit....