Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Body Talk

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Nothing "felt" wrong and I have learned trust my instincts when it comes to how I feel. So imagine my surprise when I went in to give my weekly blood work and found out that not only are my neutraphils low (1.1 compared to last week's 1.7) but that all of my blood work was down and I am currently anemic.

Immediately my nurse Tess was grilling me... Did you over do it this weekend? Have you been eating this week? How are you feeling?

I was honest:

I ran/walked 15 miles this weekend but other than some fatigue, I feel fine. My eating has been normal and I am down 2 pounds but I attribute that to 4 weeks of consistent run/walks. I'm sick of losing my hair only to find it all over the house and OTHER THAN JUST A MOMENT AGO WHEN YOU TURNED ME INTO A PIN CUSHION AND PIERCED A VEIN LEAVING ME WITH A SORE, PURPLE FOREARM ... I'm just fine, thanks!

Tess is not "impressed" with the fact that Dr. Butler is letting me train for the Marine Corps Marathon. I had a hard time making her understand that this "IS" low volume working out for me right now.

Now I am worried that Dr. Butler is going to change his mind on my training and tell me that I shouldn't do it. Either way, that is an uknown until next week, so I will eat some more protein, drink plenty of water, try to catch a few more naps and worry about "what if" later.

Living STRONG with a few less blood cells.


Flatman said...

Maybe everything will be back to normal next week and it was just a's hoping for good news!

You are amazing!

TriFeist said...

Well, Nurse Tess is not your doctor. She clearly does not understand the emotional benefit of your training. Your doctor does or he would not have approved the training.

You can do it!

nancytoby said...

I suggest you don't talk to Dr. Butler until after MCM. :-) Ever helpful....

But hey, he's a runner, right!??

Keryn said...

Trusting how you feel is really important. PLUS - You've been training and it seems to be helping you cope: physically and mentally. Either way, Nancy is right, your doc is a runner and don't runners understand each other?

One of the ladies who works for me is very fit and went to the hospital with chest pains a while back. It turned out to be freaky weird heartburn stuff, but they made her do a stress test. The nurses were floored that this dumpy little woman in her fifties lasted as long as she did on the machine. She blew away the other patients. She actually had to remind them that she works out daily and their normal patients have heart disease for a reason.

I tell you this because you are obviously different from most of the patients Nurse Tess sees. You are elite because you do train so much. It's a good thing and it will help you emotionally as well as physically. I love that your doc encourages it. :)

trifit said...

I am not a doctor, but you mentioned protein, and not iron! Make sure you are getting enough, maybe it will help the anemia (and get Nurse Tess off yor back).