Monday, September 19, 2005

Recovery Day

I have grown to really love Mondays because Mondays are "Recovery Day". I take the shuttle instead of walking the mile to and from the Metro station. I don't concern myself with my workout schedule for the week for 24 hours and I generally try to enjoy myself.

Today, my recovery day is plague by a headache and a constant stomach ache which can be directly attributed to 3 weeks back at 10 million units of Interferon - 3x a week. It would be nice if Dr. Butler would cut my dose in half again tomorrow but in all likelihood that won't happen. I wish there were a way to cut down on the side effects and still get as high a "low dose" as possible. Until somebody figures out a better solution, I have actually started taking the occassional TUMS. Sometimes they help.. sometimes they don't. At least they have calcium so it is not a complete waste.

Yesterday marked the start of week 12 out of 48! Only 36 more to go!

I wonder how close these Tums really are to eating chalk. I suspect they are closer than I think!


XF-15DCC said...

Rolaids are better (IMHO) Pop two in your mouth and before you chew, add some water. Less "chalk" effect.


Flatman said...

Chalk would be cheaper for sure...

nancytoby said...

When I first glanced at that photo, I thought it was a box of tampons. :-)

There are some pretty good-tasting Rolaids and Tums out there, but I agree about Rolaids tasting better. :-) They also have magnesium in them. I use them on very long runs sometimes for calcium and magnesium. (Magnesium reduces cramping).