Thursday, September 22, 2005



No, not you darling reader. Shame on the client who walked into the office today and said "Wow are you feeling okay? You look awful!!!"

My response: "Yeah sometimes Chemo does that to you!"

They were very apologetic and I accepted the apology but I felt justified in putting this person in their place. Don't tell me how bad I look because 9 out of 10 times, I am already aware of it but trying to work through it. Being reminded doesn't help!

Is this not the cutest kitten ever? This makes me smile and there are more kittens to make you smile here.

Last night's workout was started out pretty rough but I kept with it to the turn around and the back half felt much better. In talking with Jim later, we determined that the course I am running rolls gently uphill the entire course out and gently downhill on the return trip. All of that happening while you tackle the small hills that are obvious. It made me feel better about feeling like I had very little to give on the 1.5 miles to the turn around.

Tonight's workout calls for a 30 minute EASY spin on Sunshine. My long lost brother (not really) Flatman has requested a picture of my ride. I'll post that later today! My bike is not nearly as new or fancy as Nancy's bike Buttercup but I love my bike just the same!


trifit said...

That client was rude and you said the right thing.

I've been looking for a reason to share this site:

Flatman said...

Can't wait for the photo!

How rude of that guy/ were totally justified in your response. I can't imagine ever saying that to anyone!