Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tales of Baby Showers and Baby "Bonks"

Well the Baby Shower was a wonderful success. I succeeded in imitating a chicken with her head cut off on Saturday morning but at 11AM I transformed into a cool, calm and collected host. The important thing was that everybody seem to have a nice time and that my girlfriend Liz enjoyed herself.

She is 6 weeks from her due date and ready to go, go, go!

Today was "Leisure Sunday". On Leisure Sunday, you do whatever you want and you "don't do" what ever you feel like. We slept in until 8AM; watched the last episode of "Lost" on TiVo in prep for the season premiere this week; ate a late breakfast; lounged and then around 3PM I went out for my long run.

The weather is beautiful in Northern VA today... low 80s but no humidity and a cool breeze. My workout went very well with 2/1 intervals for about the first 3 miles; 1/1 intervals for the next 5 miles and an unfortunate baby "Bonk" just before the start of Mile 8. The good news about the baby "Bonk" is that with less than 1 mile to home, I felt no guilt for having to walk ... so I did.

I'm happy to be back home, showered, comfy and in for the night!

Hope you all had a good weekend too! Live STRONG.

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kerihadley said...

well, i spotted the elusive Holly in the wild on her long run on sunday. i'll say she looked great. just cranking out those miles. marines, you better watch out, she's determined that Holly.