Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hanging Tough

I took two full recovery days and tonight will be a short 3 mile run. I'm ready for a short run and the weather here in Northern VA is perfect for running. Cool and Breezy.

My sister Heather is coming into town this weekend to run the Army Ten Miler with me this Sunday! She will be staying through Tuesday. I have not seen my sister since we did the Dansani Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon in February. We talk often but there is nothing that beats being in the same room together!

My other sister Cathy won't be present for this particular race. Something about school and work and being so far North that she has probably already started wearing a Fleece jacket!! (She is in Maine!) We will miss her!!

Christmas can't come soon enough this year!


My bloodwork held steady this week proving that my long runs have no significant negative impact on my white blood count.

The side effects of the increased dosage are making themselves known, unfortunately. The last two days have had me feeling a little sick to my stomach. I bought some ROLAIDS, as recommended by Nancy, Flatman and my Uncle Kevin. They taste much better than the TUMS but unfortunately are not helping with the stomach ache. I am exploring other remedies.

Yesterday I felt pretty bad and when I got home, I felt like my general malaise just sucked the happiness right out of the house. Jim was very loving and understanding but I could see him deflating like a slow-leak. His plate has been very full of outside stresses and then I come home feeling icky and drag him down another notch. I hate it!

Nobody tells you how much of an impact your treatment has on your relationships. You may be the one going through the physical symptoms but everybody who loves you and cares about you has to go through the emotional and psychological symptoms too. Not only yours but their own as well.

I am grateful every day for the constant love and support that Jim, my family and friends provide me. I have no doubts that without that support, I would not be doing as well as I am. That includes every one of you out there in cyberspace that takes the time to check in on my blog and sends good thoughts my way!

I hope you realized what a positive impact you have in my life! Thank you!


Ellie said...

Good thoughts... consider them sent. Continuously.

I'll be with you in spirit on Sunday! Hang tough!

nancytoby said...

Then can I borrow $20?


THANKS JIM for being such a good guy!!

XF-15DCC said...

Try a warm water bottle for your stomach. Worked for me when the Crohns was acting up. Also a nice beer full of hops settled my stomach (no really, it helped) but dont know if that will mix well with your meds. Need a beer suggestion, let me know ;-)


TriFeist said...

My sister lives in Maine as well. It's already quite chilly up there by Florida standards.

Jim sounds like a wonderful guy. Go Jim!

Good luck at the Army 10 Miler.

Flatman said...

We are glad to be here for you and consider us your "other" family!

You can lean on us if you need to.

Hope the tum feels better soon!

Oldman said...

a little red wine (maybe a bottle or two..nah one glass) would help (my brain surgeon told me that). sometimes an ice pack on the tummy works (my oncologist told me to try that one).

Susan said...

Hi Holly, this is my first time reading your blog. I wish you the very best with your treatments. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

bunnygirl said...

Maybe some crystalized ginger for your stomach? If you have a Whole Foods or similar type of place nearby, you should be able to find it, no problem.

Good luck at the 10 miler!