Monday, September 05, 2005

Lots of Stuff!

When you combined two independent, self-reliant adults who have lived on their own for 10+ years into one household you end up with a whole lot of "STUFF"!!

Jim and I are sorting through the duplicates and deciding what stays, what goes to goodwill and what simply goes! It's a slow process but we are making good progress! We got the kitchen, the bedroom closet and the bathrooms done this weekend. Yeah for us!

The week was a whirlwind of unpacking and life in general. We were checking in on Jim's folks in Jackson, MS daily to make sure that they were doing okay. They had some trouble finding gas for the generator but luckily by this weekend they had power again. My cousin and his family who lived in New Orleans, are currently in PA with relatives for the time being. They still don't know if they have a home to go back to. Having been through my share of hurricanes and blizzards, my heart goes out to all those people down south. It will be a long recovery for them.

On the Melanoma front, Dr. Butler has increased my weekly shots back up to 10 MIU for the time being. I might get a break around the first week in October for the Army 10 Miler but I think that 10 MIU is where he wants to keep me unless my body starts showing toxicity signs again. The increase in dose has me a little more prone to napping this week. I can live with that!

I bought a beautiful hat to start wearing daily! I will post a picture later this week. For now I am going to hold off on the wig and enjoy the variety that hats and scarves offer!

On the Army 10 Miler/Marine Corps Marathon Training front, I am doing well. I was able to get in some decent mileage last week and today I covered 9 miles in the glorious 65 degree weather. I have no doubts that I will be able to finish the Army 10 Miler so now I am focusing on keeping my pace up and getting some good long runs in over the next 8 weeks so that the 14th Street Bridge cutoff of the Marathon seems like less of a factor!

I'm looking forward to the week ahead and the wonderful lower temperatures.


editor said...

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nancytoby said...

Woo hooo Holly! Well done on the de-cluttering and the running!!! The hair thing - I'm not much help there, sorry, my hair sucks too!! :-)

nancytoby said...

Hey, you're sounding pretty ready for MCM! Did you hear they are going to have to move the expo out of the DC Armory because of hurricane relief? I heard of someone that wants to transfer their bib - do you think I should take it so that we can do the section to the bridge together (and I won't have to bandit)!?!?

Holly said...

Nancy -

I'll help you with the cost of your transfer if you want to do that instead! What a good idea!


Oldman said...

i love getting rid of stuff and cleanning up the clutter! sorry to hear about the hair..try a short cut or a buzz cut with a wig, blonde is always good!

Keryn said...

Can't wait to see the hat. I just got a great orange hat this weekend. I've decided I have a thing for orange hats. I already have an orange baseball cap for workouts.

I'm glad you seem to be doing better with the meds and are settling in with the new living arrangements. :)

TriFeist said...

Keep those miles coming! You will be ready for MCM