Friday, October 14, 2005

An Awakening while Running

I am going to the great state of Maine this weekend to visit my youngest sister Cathy and her boyfriend Norm so my long run had to happen during the week. I know people run in Maine but I'd rather run 30-45 minutes in Maine while visiting than 3.5 hours. I'm picky like that.

So yesterday I made it my goal to "run home" from work. I am lucky because there is a trail that runs all the way from my office in D.C. along the waterfront and across the Potomac and down into Alexandria. Since the actually mileage home is only 12 miles, I made a detour through Hains Point and "The Awakening". This park is actually a part of the Marine Corps Marathon course - Miles 16-20 - and is the last segment that needs to be done in order to "Beat the 14th Street Bridge".

So I ran 2/1 intervals and covered just shy of 16 miles in 205 minutes. I average around a 13 minute mile pace. Some miles were closer to 12:30 (in the beginning) but as I started losing daylight and the rain began (gentle sprinkles) I slowed down a little. Why fall this close to the Marathon?

I kept in contact with Jim via cell phone and he met me at Bell Haven Marina at 7:45pm. It was nice to have a kiss and a warm car to wrap up my run. I felt fantastic... like I could have easily run another 11 miles. My nutrition and water intake seem to be dead on. I think that I am actually ready for Marine Corps Marathon in two weeks!!

Now if I could just get Mother Nature to give me 60 degrees and overcast skies with no rain on race day ......
Nancy is running the Baltimore Marathon tomorrow!! GOOD LUCK NANCY!
Shelley is doing Iroman Hawaii Sunday! GOOD LUCK SHELLEY!
Live STRONG and have a good weekend everybody! I'm off to MAINE! Lobster Anyone??


Ellie said...

Wonderful run! If you can do it, I can do it... since I don't have an upcoming even to motivate me, I'll borrow spirit from my friends! Maybe I'll blog about that...

Mica said...

Dang girl, you rock! I hope to be up to that kind of mileage someday.

nancytoby said...

Woo hoo! Great run! I was wishing for that overcast 60 degree day today! Hope your time in Maine is very, very fun!!