Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Marathon Goals ...

I was contemplating my goals for the Marine Corps Marathon when I was struck by something crazy...

What if I had a great day and PR'd my second marathon ever? While in treatment...

The number of excuses I would lose about being naturally slow would be extinct and I would really have to face that I could , with some hard work and effort, probably run faster than 9 minute miles with some training (my fastest pace - 5K in 2003)

In March 2003 I ran the Ocean Drive Marathon in Cape May, NJ. It was my first marathon and I finished in 5:39:15.

The paceband that I created for Marine Corps, based on a solid 13:00 per mile pace predicts a finish time of 5:40:00.

So in the spirit of my good friend Nancy I am going to make a list of goals for my race - real goals and "DREAM" goals - and I will let you know how many of them I accomplish.

Goal 1 - HAVE FUN!!
Goal 2 - BEAT THE 14TH Street Bridge (Mile 20)
Goal 3 - FINISH
DREAM - Goal 4 - Maintain a solid 13:00 mile pace - FINISH TIME of 5:40:00
DREAM - Goal 5 - Set a PR by beating my only other marathon finish of 5:39:15

Some days you have to DREAM a little bit bigger! Living STRONG, dreaming and tapering here in Northern VA.


Ellie said...

I totally believe in you!! Totally!

Whatever happens with your time goals (and that outcome is always an unknown) I know you'll definitely make your first 3 goals!

I LOVE your doctor!!

TriFeist said...

BEAT THE BRIDGE BEAT THE BRIDGE!!!! Seriously, I beat the bridge when I did MCM as my first marathon. My finish time was no where near 5:40.


tri-mama said...

Have a great race!! I love those goals-go for it!

Mom said...

Remember whatever happens You must believe that you gave it your all.
You are a Star!!!!!!!! in our books
already. It amazes me at your determination. Please read your body and let it help you determine your goal. We love you and wish we could be there for you.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Go Holly Go!!!