Wednesday, October 12, 2005



Dear Fellow Metro Commuter -

While I will take a moment to appreciate that I could actually turn your head and make you look twice, it is in fact RUDE to continue to OGGLE me (stare unabashedly) for two blocks till we both reach the metro. It's 5:30 in the morning and I am wearing standard "running short" as I head to the gym. Perhaps you need to get out more ...


Dear Woman on the Treadmill -

WOW!! You are in great shape and sweating so much. I wonder if you know that when you have the incline set so steep on the treadmill that you have to lock your elbows and grip the handles with "white knuckles" that perhaps you should consider either lowering the incline OR reducing the speed somewhat. The truth is that you are not getting much of a workout when you are performing the "treadmill deathgrip" . Still I am impressed with how much you are sweating ... and a little grossed out ....

I'm not the most cheerful of morning people - especially when it is 5:30AM - At least I got my 4 miles in before work. YEAH ME! Nancy and Flatman and the rest of you early risers - how do you do it???

BLOOD COUNTS/SIDE EFFECTS: The blood count is coming back up and I am really beginning to think Linae was right on the money with noticing that after my last long run my blood counts dipped and then stabilized again the next week. So I am less inclined to be very concerned with the numbers. Hopefully Dr. Butler will let me jump back up to 10 MIU on Thursday when he sees the results.

They looked as deep as they could in the back of my eyes with a big light and didn't see anything strange. Of course I saw "spots" for about 15 minutes after that. I had to walk in a straight line, close my eyes, put my arms out in front of me - all the standard general equilibrium tests and passed with flying colors.

The prognosis: Let us know if the dizziness happens some more but we think its nothing to worry about. There were no general comments on the phlegm and breathing problems so I will just pay attention to when they are happening and tell Dr. Butler next week when I see him, if it is still bothering me.

OTHER ATHLETES: Did you know???

IRONMAN HAWAII is in less than 5 days! Go and send Shelly and Cathy (AKA CLM) lots of good wishes!!

The Baltimore Marathon is this weekend and Nancy will be running for a Personal Record! Go and send her lots of good wishes!


'Zilla said...

LOL, Those hanging-on-for-dear-life ppl reside at my gym as well! I like the letter idea, though... Good one! :)

Keryn said...

I love the letters!

I'm an early riser - just gotta do it. If I don't do it early, I won't do it. Too easy to make excuses later in the day. Plus, I do it early while the hubby and kid are sleeping so I don't miss family time at night.

If it weren't for that, I think I'd at least try to do it at night. Getting up at 4:30am sucks.

TriFeist said...

HEY! I was right about something. Can I tell my husband? :-) Seriously, I'm glad you are feeling better. Too bad they couldn't come up with a better solution on the diziness thing. May your visit to your sister go well. My sis lives in Maine, too. Cold up there right now.

Keep focused on the goal!