Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sisters ....

Gannoe Girls - Sleepy on Christmas Eve, 2004 (Mom, Heather, Cathy, Holly)

I drove to and from Maine this weekend to visit my youngest sister Cathy and deliver some furniture that she could use. While it was a "short visit" with more driving than actual visiting, it was wonderful all the same! Cathy and Norm have a cute little apartment in Old Town, ME and an adorable kitty named "Moo" who is the most wonderful lap cat ever. I wanted to clone her but Cathy discouraged that. :)

I told Cathy that Heather and I were trying to find another "Sister" event that might suit all of us better, since Cathy is not a big fan of running. She suggested that maybe we could do the Covered Bridges 1/2 Marathon in Queechee, VT this June 06 since it is close to Mom and Dad. You could have knocked me over with a feather since Cathy said "No more 1/2 Marathons, I have done one" not long after Myrtle Beach last year... Surprise Surprise...

Cathy doesn't have a BLOG but my other sister Heather does. I go there occasionally to see if she has updated or posted and I found this today!

"let your waves crash down on me and take me away...."

I'm a surf addict. I can't stand to be away from the ocean. But I also live on the east coast where winters are far from warm and forgiving. I have been searching for a hobby to help me survive the boredom until next spring. Recently, my older sister has introduced me to the wonderful world of running , and being the adrenaline junkie that i am, i've decided a 26.2 mile race is what i want. This blog will be my story, as winter nears, and training for my first marathon begins...


When she posts her first entry and starts her training I will let you all know! I think she is considering the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February 2006. I have promised her that I will be there! Will I be running? We haven't gotten that far in negotiations yet ... I will at least run 1/2 of the race with her!

Two weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon. My coach has started a gentle taper and this weekend I will be hiking 7 miles at Old Rag with Jim and friends to celebrate his 43rd Birthday instead of a long run. I think based on the challenge of the hike, it will be equivalent.

I guess since it is a work day, I should be getting back to work .... Hope everybody had a great weekend!


XF-15DCC said...

this running stuff MUST be from your Dads side. I only run when chased or a good beer sale!

Keep pushing!


Cliff said...

taper...woohoo..time to be lazy.i mean rest. :)

bunnygirl said...

Oooh!! Do the Covered Bridges run!!!

I've run it several times and I just love it! My times have never been very good because like an idiot I always go hike Mt Ascutney the day before, but then, one would be a fool to run Covered Bridges for anything but the scenery and experience.

Go do CBHM for meeeeee!!!!!