Friday, October 21, 2005

Looking ahead ...

Holly & Woodchuck (photo credit: Heather Gannoe)

I see Dr. Butler today and will show off my Army 10 Miler Coin and talk to him about next weeks SUBQ shot plans and the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon. I have been pretty fatigued this week with a monster headache last night and I have been feeling rather "BLAH". I'm guessing it is the time change and maybe just a little healthy "pre-marathon" anxiety.

I'm going to ask Dr. Butler if he thinks that post-Marathon, he can up my dosage to 10 MIU for a while if he thinks my body will handle it. We'll see what he thinks of that and go from there.

Jim's birthday is this weekend (the BIG 43) and we have some fun stuff planned including a 7 mile hike to the summit of Old Rag on Sunday. I will be sure and get some pictures to share!

No stinking hurricane named Wilma is going to stop my triathlon buddy Linae or any of the other 400 athletes from starting the Great Floridian Triathlon!

GO LINAE GO! Have fun and live STRONG all day!

I hope everybody has a good weekend!


Nytro said...

when i was growing up, we totally had a woodchuck as a pet. seriously! or was it a rock chuck? it was the smaller of the two, whichever one that is. just seeing that photo brought back a flood of memories!! great job on your race. hope you feel better!

kerihadley said...

how much wood can a woodchuck chuck? these and many other fine questions will entertain you for the first miles of the maraine corps.

Ellie said...

Naw, it's the last few miles where thoughts like that come up...

Here are some who like to run,
They run for fun in the hot hot sun.
Where have they run from?
I can't say.
But I'll bet they have run a long, long, way.

--Dr. Seuss, "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish"

*jeanne* said...

I love that picture! Good work, Heather!

I love that quote from Dr. Seuss, too.
Good work, E!!ie.

and Marine you come! :-)