Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Too little Blood

Cute Kittens for a Rainy Day...
It's about time to update y'all on the medical end of things because it has the potential to rudely "interrupt" my current Marine Corps Marathon plans in just 3 weeks time. Damn medical drama!

After the speedy and fun Army 11.4 Miler with Heather, I felt pretty good all things considering. I was having some significant fatigue (expected) and had noticed that I have begun to produce a lot of phlem (unexpected).

The weekly visit to the Dr's office on Tuesday produced some pats on the back for the Army 10 Miler (I brought my finishing coin with me - I was so proud!) and some rather negative results in my blood count. I was showing continued signs of Anemia from last week (low reb blood cell count) and very low Nuetraphil numbers (white blood cell count).

The verdict on that day was as follows:
- Do not give yourself a shot tonight.
- Reduce the amounts of the next 3 shots by 5 MIU (from 10 MIU)
- Dr. Butler will let you know what to do next AFTER we get your blood next week.

The "good" news is a that a detailed check of my Iron levels shows that I am not in need of an Iron supplement in addition to my current "One-A-Day" for Women multi-vitamin. The "not so good" news is that the anemia is another side effect of the Interferon.

How much lower could my weekly dose get until my body understands that this is going to continue? GET USED TO IT ALREADY! We (me and the body) have 34 more weeks left!! ARG!

Granted, I like to suffer for my love of sport. I don't want to suffer on Chemo any more than I have too but watching my body have a hard time with such low doses makes me very anxious. Anxious that I am not getting enough of the treatment to prevent a recurrence.

Unfortunately I have to report to the Dr. this week that in the last week I have begun to have some problems with my breathing and I have had a few strange Vertigo moments with regards to looking at lights. I am going to head to the optomistrist later this week to check the eyeballs but I am more concerned with the phlem and breathing problems.

When Keri and I went out - I was a giant running head full of phlem (SUCH A PRETTY PICTURE TO IMAGINE, HUH?) and towards the end of the run I was having a hard time catching my breath. Here is hoping it was the 100% humidity that was the cause of that and not another side effect of the drugs!

So at 4PM, I will be back to give blood work and see where I am at in terms of anemia/nuetropenia. Keep your fingers crossed and I will keep my veins hydrated so they can get a good, juicy sample.


GatorJamie said...

FWIW, I feel like a phlegm-ball, too after races. It usually clears up after a day or so. Here's hoping that you're cleared for MCM!

TriFeist said...

Keep the positive vibes alive! I don't know how you do it. Last time your blood work gave you problems after a long run, it sorted itself out in time. Here's to having better iron, red, and white blood cells!!!!!

Flatman said...

I am hoping that the breathlessness and phlegm are a result of the humidity and running. I get that way too, sometimes. Humidity always makes me suck wind! Keep going and living strong; you are doing great!

Cliff said...

I will pray that you will get better soon.

Oldman said...

i'm thinking it was the humidity...