Monday, February 06, 2006

Crankiness Subsides - Productivity Ensues

Nothing like a few workouts and a VERY PRODUCTIVE weekend to help you get through some significant crankiness.

Thursday night I ended up wandering the localBorders bookstore to alleviate my crankiness instead of going to the gym. My knee was still a little too swollen for my liking. The bookstore was wonderful - I could wander bookstores for hours and buy nothing and still come away content and relaxed.

I guess I am "odd" like that!

Friday the weather here was STUNNING! Mid 60s and not a cloud in sight. I made it a point to go to the gym and did 30 minutes on the CrossTrainer with the hopes that my knee would warm up and allow me to enjoy the weather later in the weekend. It felt good to sweat!!

Saturday was a rainy day so Jim and I put all our focus on the house and we got SO MUCH DONE! There are fewer boxes in the basement, I have a place to put my photo albums & we have a guest bedroom again! These are HUGE accomplishments and bring us closer to "adopting kittens".

We have a deal that we will adopt "2 kittens/cats" once the house is more settled. At this point, we are looking at Spring adoptions. I know you are not suppose to name animals before you have them ... but we are leaning towards "Wallace & Grommit". (But I don't think our cats will like Cheese as much as the original Wallace & Grommit do....)

Sunday the weather cooled considerably but it was still in the mid 40s. Warm enough for a short run to test out the knee. I took it VERY EASY and did 1:1 Run/Walk intervals at a VERY SLOW (15 minute miles) pace. My knee didn't cause any pain at all ... but there is still some swelling happening. I guess that means there is a little more healing for my knee to do.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and a good way to wrap up a "not-so-wonderful" week.

Onward! Hope you all have a great MONDAY!


Theresa said...

Great to here that the knee is on the mend.

nancytoby said...

I guess you're too young to have the name Wallace remind you of George Wallace, eh?

Can't wait to see the kitties! MEOW MEOW!