Thursday, February 16, 2006

Doctors and Teddy Bears

Would you call it a "good omen" or "sign" if you picked an Orthopedic Doctor who had the same name as your favorite Teddy Bear (BRUNO) from childhood?

Probably not but as it turns out in this case, I think I have struck a little sports medicine gold. This morning I had my appointment with Dr. John Bruno, Jr. of Orthopedic Medicine of Alexandria.

The office was full of cycling and running posters, several physical thereapist and Dr. Bruno. Dr. Bruno was fit, engaging and funny. LOVE THAT IN A DOC!

He asked my history, noted my Interferon Immunotherapy, bent my knee in many funny angles, took two quick x-rays and determined that he would prefer I get an MRI since he didn't see any obvious bone problems but suspected some damage to the tissues since my swelling keeps coming back consistantly with only a little pain.

Even when Dr. Bruno repremanded me, he was so friendly and engaging that I felt good. He mentioned that had I come to him when my knee first started hurting, He could probably have given me some rehab and ibuprophin and we could have solved it but waiting a month while still doing moderate activity might cost me a few extra weeks of healing and rehab.

We talked about this weekend and walking the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon and he said "If you have a tear, your only going to make it worse but it is just some strain, another weekend of exercise isn't going to do much as long as you pay attention to the pain and stop if it starts to hurt.."

"Maybe you can walk a mile or two and be happy with that?"

Hmmm ... same thing that Coach Debi said but with a few different words.

Don't worry Folks, I heard THEM, I am listening!!

So tomorrow bright and early (630AM) I will be getting my MRI of my knee and then Jim and I will be heading south to Myrtle Beach to spend the weekend with my sister Heather, Rich and Baby-in-Utero.

Lessons Learned:
1.) See a DR as soon as your knee hurts!
2.) Listen to Coach Debi when she says "Take a break, No race!"

Well that is all there is for now. I am looking forward to the weekend in Myrtle Beach even if I am not racing. I promise lots of pictures upon my return!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Keep Living STRONG!


Iron Benny said...

I was a little worried when I thought his first name was Bruno. Probably not the kind of guy you want working on your knee. But, he sounds good to me and he gave you the right advice about the race. Too bad it takes a doctor for some of us to listen. I've been guilty of that too. Take care

XF-15DCC said...
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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Sorry to hear bout your problems but glad you found a dr you like and will listen too.

Cliff said...

Good doc. I gotta find someone like that around where I live.

Cliff said...

So the tip from Holly....find a doctor that has the same name as your favourite teddy...

it's only fuel said...

I would consider it a strange omen if I found a doctor with the same name as my childhood stuffed animal....a gorilla named "monkey"! That would be a little freaky:D

Sending you:
~~~healing vibes~~~ for your knee:)