Sunday, February 12, 2006

SNOW Interruption

This is the current view out my front door :

As you can see, we got a little snow last night ...

The plan for today was a Swim Clinic with Nancy but the community college pool where it was being held in Columbia, MD closed for today. Therefore our Clinic has been canceled/postponed. I hope it turns out to the latter (POSTPONED) because I was really looking forward to the clinic in a "my swimming needs help" kind of way.

Yesterday's 75 minute run/walk didn't happen. My knee swelling is back with a vengeance along with some creepy "snap, crackle and pops". Did somebody put some Rice Krispies in my knee? Perhaps if I stick my knee in a pile of snow today, the swelling will go down? It is worth a try!

So I will spend my day as a leisure "snow bunny" - Since Jim is at work today (poor guy!), I am on my own and my only plans are:

1) Ice my knee
2)Work on my taxes
3) Shovel the driveway
4) Get outdoors and find some beautiful "snow" shots with the new camera.
5) Oggle the Olympic Speed Skaters (Man are some of these men HOT!)

I guess you could say that the snow shoveling will be my upper body strength training for today. It's certainly better than nothing at all.

wherever you are, I hope you are safe and warm and enjoying your weekend! Live STRONG!


nancytoby said...

This looks just like my blog entry today! :-)

nancytoby said...

And oh, yeah, love that Chad Hedrick!

Keryn said... pretty! I love new fallen snow...

Downhillnut said...

Loving all of the snowy pictures from your end of the world. Kind of reminds me of when Calgary used to have WINTER. :P

XF-15DCC said...

Gee, 2 hours south of your house and no snow. Not even one flake. OK by me cause these knuckleheads down here cant drive when it is dry, let alone with snow.

Enjoy clearing the driveway. I think I will put my shovel away. No snow this year.


jeanne said...

and it looks just like my blog entry too! good luck with that knee.

*jeanne* said...

I think Columbia got 20 inches - no wonder they cancelled your clinic.
Howard County Striders cancelled my 5K, too. (and luckily, it was just a weekly informal, we DID the Penguin Pace this year! PERFECT weather for it!) Just as well for me that the weekly was cancelled, I got some finishing touches done to my newly painted bathroom! Like putting the wall switchplates back on, re-hanging the art!

Ah, I LOVE it when the painting is OVER!