Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I am going to be an AUNT!!! Heheheh.... "Crazy Aunt Holly ... who runs with Mommy, who bought me my first bike, who brings me back cool gifts from Italy and France..." My middle sister Heather is expecting and the due date is September 27th!! Looks like it is a good thing that I will be in southern VA for my 1/2 Ironman on the 24th so I can simply head south to Myrtle Beach post-race and visit a new "neice or nephew"!!!

Now you may remember that Heather and I are planning to run/walk the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon in three weeks. Well it is still on the calander. Her OB Doc said, "Go Ahead, have fun - just keep it easy and fun!" So we are going to do the race!

I wonder if they will give Heather two medals - since technically it will be my "niece/nephew's" first 1/2 Marathon!! Start them early! In-Utero Athletes!!

Well I got through the Cryosurgery on Monday afternoon. But ladies, when the Doctor tells you that "It is no that bad, you will simply have a little cramping", I recommend you have them give you a scale of pain from 1-10. Because I considered a little bit of cramping to be a "Level 2" and what I experienced during and for about 14 hours "post-procedure" was most definately on the Level of an 8 or 9!!

For reference, this was cramping while on 800 mg of Motrin *before the procedure*.

So I spent the remainder of Monday with a heating pad on my lower belly, curled in the fetal position because that is what worked. Around 9PM I took *2* Darvocette left from surgery last May and enjoyed the "drug-enduced" sleep (with no dreams!!) I woke up still feeling drugged, and took the day off. By Noon, the cramping was over and I am fine now.

Good thing that Cryosurgery is 85-90% effective at solving "mild cervical displasia" because I will not be doing that procedure again, EVER!!

My knee is still having problems with swelling so I am making an appointment with my GP to have him take a look at it. I took Thursday and Friday OFF and did a short, easy walk of 3 miles on Saturday. Sunday it seemed the swelling had reduced significantly but as of Monday it was back along with some "clicking and popping" sounds when I move it. I will be in the pool alot this week!

LIfe is never dull! Keep Living STRONG!


nancytoby said...

What wonderful news!

I had no idea your procedure was ALREADY - I'm sorry I didn't check up on you earlier! Thanks for letting us know it went okay, even though I'm sure that was a very uncomfortable day!! YOU ROCK!!

Shelley said...

I'm sorry to hear you were in such pain, i've never had anything like that're tough though and everyday i'm sure you will feel much better..hang in there!

Flatman said...

Great news that the procedure went well. I am glad the cramoing is over.... Happy days on the Auntie front!

Amazon Alanna said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt! That is wonderful news.

I'm sorry to hear that your procedure was so painful. I'm sure it'll do what it was intended to do. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Lora said...

Whew...glad that's over. These women issues S-U-C-K!!

Congrats Auntie!! You're gonna have lots of fun with him/her!! You know your job is to spoil this kid rotten!!!!!

jeanne said...

Yikes, sorry it was so painful. I guess everyone's experience is different, I'm just sorry yours had to be so terrible!

Congrats on becoming an aunt! the bad comes with the good, right?

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Congrats. And glad the surgery went ok. Thanks for the warning, though. I have surgery scheduled in April (nothing serious just fixing mother nature) she said the same and I should have asked that...oh oh.

Keryn said...

First thing's first: Congratulations on becoming an Aunt! You'll definitely have a bond with this're running with him/her already!

Sorry the procedure was so bad. But good to have it over and done with. Icky, icky business.

'Zilla said...

Wow, so much news!

First, of all: Congratulations!!! An Auntie. Wow, that is SO exciting!

Second, I'm so glad that you made it through. That sounds awful! You're one tough cookie.

Liz said...

Sounds incredibly painful!!! Amazing that you felt better in one day!

Congrats on becoming an aunt! You are going to love it! Buying kid stuff is so much fun!