Friday, February 10, 2006

Pump It Up...

My visit with Dr. Butler was a good one! I am heading back up in to the land of 10 MIU of Interferon, 3x a week from 5MIU. I am considering it an "Interferon Bootcamp, Part II" of sorts. While it is likely that my symptoms will be a little stronger - I'm emotionally pumped up to finish my treatment on a high note.


Jim wondered if perhaps I was feeling some "guilt" for not suffering during treatment as much as other people I have met in my situation. I thought that was a pretty good observation and one that I had silently considered myself. I don't think it is guilt that is motivating me as much as a strong desire to do whatever I can to continue to live "melanoma-free".

At this point, as far as we can tell (we being me and my Drs) .. all evidence of Melanoma was removed from my body and I have "no evidence of disease". Dr. Butler did mention again yesterday, that Melanoma is completely unpredictable and it could come back tomorrow, 30 years from now or never. I told him I was shooting for "Never" and he said, "So am I, Holly."

I went to SPIN class last night and did about 40 minutes before my knee began to gently speak to me. I heard her gentle cries and immediately got off the bike and went in to gentle stretching mode. Healing .. Slowly but healing.

Providing we don't get completely SNOWED IN, I am heading to Columbia, MD on Sunday with Nancy to take a Swim Clinic. I can't beleive I am going to let someobdy watch me flounder through the pool and ask them to tell me how bad I am doing!! I guess that is how desperate I am to get better!



XF-15DCC said...

You said,
"I can't beleive I am going to let someobdy watch me flounder through the pool and ask them to tell me how bad I am doing!!"

Consider it "fine tuning" your skills

have fun



'Zilla said...

Great news from the doc! Best to you on this final stretch, Holly.

Have a great time at teh swim clinic! I can't wait to hear about it. :)

*jeanne* said...

You don't deserve ANY guilt that some people have a harder time with therapy than you. NOBODY deserves these diseases. NOBODY deserves difficult treatment.

Heal. You are doing GREAT. You deserve to be doing GREAT.

Bolder said...

we like THIS doctor! this is all good...

have fun at the swim clinic with the Nancinator!